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Compound Butter - luvnit - 09-28-2007

I have been making and using compound butter off and on for 20 years or so. I kind of go in streaks where I make it for a while, then forget about it, then remember it again and wondered why stopped.

Anyway, I guess I am on the 'Compund Butter' band wagon these days and here is a great one I found:

Cajun-style Compound Butter

  • 3 Tbsp. butter, softened
  • 1 Tbsp. Cajun seasoning
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley (optional)

To make the compound butter: With a spatula, mix the softened butter with the Cajun seasoning and lemon juice. Add the chopped parsley, if desired. Chill in fridge.

Re: Compound Butter - cjs - 09-29-2007

I'm with you, Laura - I love playing with compound butters and I also seem to do them in spurts.

When I was working, I used to serve this one with the prime rib -

1 bunch rosemary, stripped & Pecans, broken - process to very small pcs, but not paste.
Toast together and let cool
In a processor, whip butter and add the rosemary mix + s&p + blue cheese
Wrap in a log and chill for service.

and I love unsalted butter mixed with lemon zest and s&p. (now you have me going again...and with all the herbs going crazy... )

Re: Compound Butter - Old Bay - 09-29-2007

Bearnaise Butter
1/4 C dry white wine
1 T minced shallot
1/4 t dried tarragon
5 T butter
1 T minced fresh tarragon

Boil first three ingredients in small saucepan until liquid evaporates, about 2 min. Cool. Mix butter and fresh tarragon into shallot mixture. season with salt and pepper. Form into a log wrap in plastic and freeze until ready to use. Will substitute very well for bearnaise sauce flavor. Great on steaks.

Re: Compound Butter - esgunn - 09-29-2007

Yum! my hubby will love this one!

Re: Compound Butter - bjcotton - 09-29-2007

Lorraine suggested one for corn-on-the-cob, Smokes Spanish Paprika and butter, sure is good!

Re: Compound Butter - Old Bay - 09-29-2007

I use smoked paprica instead of liquid smoke --soooo much better.

Re: Compound Butter - luvnit - 10-01-2007

Oohhhh I have to try this one! I bet it's great on fish too!

Re: Compound Butter - Lorraine - 10-01-2007

Bearnaise Butter

Thanks for that one!!!! My favourite on beef!