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Beef Recall - bbally - 09-29-2007

Recalling a lot of hamburger patties, ground beef, seems like a lot of east coast areas are affected.

beef recall

Re: Beef Recall - coco hernandez - 09-29-2007

Thank you, bbally!

Re: Beef Recall - pjcooks - 09-29-2007

We've had 3 or 4 big bbqs the last 2 weeks (and 1 was for John Edwards), using Roma beef. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up.


Re: Beef Recall - bbally - 10-01-2007

This thing is now a really really large recall. If you by ground beef in the Northeast, better take a look at it.

Re: Beef Recall - Lorraine - 10-01-2007

I'm glad I grind my own.