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Food movies - labradors - 10-19-2007

Some friends of mine who know how much I like to cook told me I just HAD to see No Reservations because, according to them, I would understand (and, therefore, enjoy) things relating to the cooking that they would have missed.

Well, I finally did see it, and it was interesting, but I have seen other movies that really featured cooking MUCH more. In particular, Babette's Feast, Eat Drink Man Woman (and its weak, but not TOO bad, American/Mexican remake, Tortilla Soup), et al.

What "food movies" have you all seen, and what have you thought of them?

Re: Food movies - HomeCulinarian - 10-19-2007

We saw No Reservations on vacation this summer and liked it.

"Big Night" was a fun food movie we rented recently. "Sideways" was good, too. It's more about wine, though.

Re: Food movies - mjkcooking - 10-19-2007

My favorite Movie on Food is the Eat Drink Man Woman -
What a fasincating show of all type of Chinese Food.

Wasn't Like Chocolate for Water? also a food movie.

I haven't seen No Reservation yet will have to try to find it.


Re: Food movies - labradors - 10-19-2007

As interesting as Babette's Feast was, I enjoyed Eat Drink Man Woman more.

Have not seen Like Water for Chocolate, but it's supposed to be pretty good. Will have to look for it. Since it's Mexican, and in Spanish, it will probably be easier to find than some others.

Chocolat was a good one, too.

Also, No Reservations is a remake of Bella Martha (a.k.a. Mostly Martha), but I've never seen that one.

Of course, we probably shouldn't leave out Ratatouille, as well.

Re: Food movies - Roxanne 21 - 10-19-2007

Loved CHOCOLAT but Tortilla Soup was right up there----

MUST not forget that scene with Steven Seigal doing his Boulliabaisse in UNDER SEIGE!!!

Re: Food movies - pjcooks - 10-19-2007

Boy, am I behind the times, I saw the 2 chocolate movies but nothing else, I need some entertainment this weekend. Girl, get thee to a Blockbuster.....

Thanks for the ideas, all!


Re: Food movies - labradors - 10-19-2007


... get thee to a Blockbuster.....

Netflix is your friend - always liked them better than Lacklustre....uh...Blockbuster.

Re: Food movies - pjcooks - 10-19-2007

Yes, Netflix is better but Blockbuster is 2 min away and they had Big Night. And, On the Waterfront w/Marlon Brando, love gangster/mob movies, too. Any suggestions there, besides my favorite (Goodfellas)?

Still hard to believe that we now have so much here in town when for most of my 49 yrs, we had to travel at least 20 minutes to get anywhere or do anything. Comes with a price, though.


Re: Food movies - labradors - 10-19-2007

For something different - the Irish Mob, how about Boondock Saints?

Donnie Brasco would be a good choice, too.

You could also go back to classics like Little Caesar or just have a laugh with Analyze This.

Other must-see crime movies, though not necessarily mob/gangster types, are Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the other, by the same director, where the one-word title means "to grasp suddenly," but also has an alternate meaning (not related to the movie) that caused the forum to call it "censored." LOL!

Re: Food movies - cjs - 10-20-2007

God, I miss my mind! There is a movie with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro (sp?) - one was a cop and one was da gangsta, darn I loved that movie.

As much help as this post will be, I ought to just delete it...

And of course Pulp Fiction - could watch that every few months.

Food movies? I'm as bad with the titles of these as any others... but, really did not are for No Reservations. Liked Big Night.