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Crustacean Allergies - cjs - 10-21-2007

I was thinking of Linda during a conversation last nite about one of the guests being allergic to shellfish. She so badly wanted to try the Lobster-Mango Spring Rolls, but she couldn't. As we were talking (and lamenting the situation), I got to thinking about using Monkfish to replace the lobster. Monkfish has been called the poor man's lobster, so why not??

I will be trying this soon, but Linda, you might think about this so you can play with us when we do dishes calling for these little goodies. Has anyone done this and does it work? (taste-wise?)

Re: Crustacean Allergies - bjcotton - 10-21-2007

Marilee's daughter is allergic to crustacians too, and some sea type fish, but she can eat Monk fish I believe.

Re: Crustacean Allergies - Mare749 - 10-21-2007

Has anybody heard from Linda? Where is she? I know she was having computer problems but that was a few weeks ago.

Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks for the suggestion, Jean. I might have to try that one. When we were doing the seafood pie, I left out the lobster because all I could get at the time were tails at $30 a lb. or live and I didn't want to deal with those!

Re: Crustacean Allergies - cjs - 10-22-2007

This is something to certainly look into.

Re: Crustacean Allergies - MUSICMAKER - 10-23-2007

Hi there, Jean...just poppin' in for a few seconds here. At the library again. Our cable is still out, hence, still no ISP. Ends up the cable co had to rewire a HUGE area in our neighborhood which entailed the gas, electric, phone and water companies to come out and stake their flags for underground lines. They "promise" all services will be up and running by noon tomorrow (Wednes. 10/24). Going bonkers with no computer, no TV or phone!!!

Back to the fish...I cannot eat ANYTHING in the seafood family. It's the iodine which is in fish, crustaceans, etc., and it kills me! Hum, no pun intended there, because if I did eat anything in this family, it literally WOULD kill me! There are tests out now where a person can be tested to see if there is a "true" iodine allergy (which is what I have) or if there is a "fish" allergy, a generalized category, just as it would be when one says they have a "peanut" allergy. Does that make any sense? If that were me, I would be VERY, VERY cautious about trying the monk fish if there is a known allergy, whether or not the allergy has been tested yet. It could kill. Anaphylactic reactions come on so FAST and can kill a person even faster. Even before one can pick up a phone, lest to even dial 911. Food allergies are definitely NOT something to fool around with. I would have the test done. It's painless, most insurances cover the cost, even tho it's not too terribly expensive, and it's worth knowing.

Re: Crustacean Allergies - cjs - 10-23-2007

Well horsepuckie, here I thot you might get to enjoy some of the dishes with us by coming in the back door!! Sorry Linda.

Re: Crustacean Allergies - labradors - 10-23-2007


Does your allergy also mean you need to avoid eating anywhere but home, since many other people would use iodised salt?

Re: Crustacean Allergies - MUSICMAKER - 10-23-2007

Thanks for trying, Jean! Oh how I miss my lobster tails and king crab legs!!! Don't know what's worse -- having tried and lost or having not tried at all! Well, I do know what's worse --- the having tried -- because I still want to taste that succulant sweetness of the crab and the hot, sweetness of the dripping butter and the crab cakes the next day for I'm just torturing myself here!!!!

No, Lab, doesn't keep me from eating out! Doubt anything would do that!!! My allergy to iodine is so bad that I even have to watch out for topical iodine, like Betadine, the iodine drug companies put in antiseptics and such for cleansing, disinfecting, topicals many people take for granted when they put it on a cut and slap a bandaid on. Nope. Can't do it! I'm the same with latex. Can smell it a mile away, throat closes up just like that (snapping of fingers), so balloons for one are a no-no.