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"Nourishing Family Resilience" - HomeCulinarian - 10-25-2007

I'm attending Miriam Weinstein's program this evening on "Nourishing Family Resilience: Our Mealtimes, Ourselves". She is author of The Surprising Power of Family Meals.

[Image: 41G4GAMCEYL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-5..._SH20_.jpg]

Since this is a group of people who enjoy cooking, I thought you might be interested to know about the benefits of family meals.... Having regular family meals can eliminate teen eating disorders; improve children's grades; reduce the incidence of drug abuse, teen pregnancy and smoking; and even expand toddlers' vocabulary.

Another reason to feel good about what you love to do anyway!

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - cjs - 10-25-2007

I am so behind this!! I always insisted we eat together darn near every night of my kid's lives!! At the table, also. One of my granddaughter's was raised eating together, but at a coffee table in front of the T.V..... That used to make me so angry!

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - Lorraine - 10-25-2007

I'll vouch fr it also. Every night at 5pm, we were all at the table. No excuses. Except when the lder ones started university and had night classes. Even now, dinner is at at the table (unless it's Fondue Saturday). Have a great time! And come back and tell us about the evening!

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - Roxanne 21 - 10-25-2007

7:00 p.m. here--without fail!!!! Still the modus operandi even though it is the two of us!!!

Dinner time was the most important time of my day---no matter what I had on the rest of the plate, BE HERE FOR DINNER!!!!! What wonderful memories that brings to mind!!! Miss those days---

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - luvnit - 10-25-2007

We love eating together. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does I love it! My kids are still little and eat very early and don't eat what WE like to eat. Slowly that is changing and their food choices are getting broader. That helps.

But when the planets are aligned... we are blessed to eat as a family. It makes me feel like a good mommy and wife. (Is that too corny??)

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - Roxanne 21 - 10-25-2007

CORNY???? NO WAY!!!!!! Cherish every moment!!!

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - Lorraine - 10-25-2007

their food choices are getting broader.

I think the trick is to introduce them to lots of different tastes / textures while they are young.

I have pictures of the family from when I was about about 4 years old at the table. What a motley looking crew. and my Mom looks exhausted in all the pics.

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - luvnit - 10-25-2007

An Autism Education Moment:

Really my son does well and eats usually everything we eat (except salad). My daughter, on the other hand, has autism. Along with her autism comes many issues that are mainly sensory. Different textures, tastes, temperatures and smells can be overwhelming for her. As she has gotten older she some of these issues have lessened.

I am just happy she eats at the table, with a fork, food on a plate and drinks from a glass. It took several months of occupational therapy to get her to drink from an open cup/glass. Now she drinks from a glass. Uses a fork appropriately. And brings me her plate when she is finished and says, "Thank you."

She is a such a sweet child. Here is her picture:

[Image: Maggie.jpg]

Sorry to ramble on. I hope by making people aware of some of autism's issues, the world will be a better and more tolerant place for her.

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - Roxanne 21 - 10-25-2007

She is truly beautiful, Laura.

Autism is a very difficult condition to handle---your patience is indescribable for those unaware----you have my deepest respect and admiration----WOW!!!!

Re: "Nourishing Family Resilience" - esgunn - 10-25-2007

Thanks for sharing. I will be really interested in hearing how the night goes. I will also look into this book. I have heard a lot of reports and statistics lately saying the same thing.

This is a real struggle for me. In my heart I know how important it is to have family dinners. When Steve is gone I eat dinner with the kids and they really like it. But when he is home, I make different types of food for him and I - even thought I am making more of the same things for the kids and they are enjoying MOST of it. But they eat at 5:45 or 6:00 and he and I usually eat after they are in bed - 8:00 or 8:30. I'd really like to eat at 7:00 but the bed time schedule just doesn't allow that.

The time he and I have together is Our time, almost like date time. We reconnect, I make special meals for him and experiment with cooking, it nourishes our marriage.

If we didn't home school, worked a typical work week, didn't spend all day with them - every day, I would really enforce this. Guess I am constantly trying to justify this decision to myself...