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How was Penzey's My Dear? - bjcotton - 10-29-2007

It was just wunnerful! I bought a 4 oz pkg of English Prime Rib Rub, 1 oz Tuscan Sunset, 3.6 oz Chicago Steak Seasoning, 8.4 oz Roju Taco Seasoning (on the cover of their latest catalog), 1.5 oz Bavarian Seasoning, and 1.3 oz Cahyn Jean, no Truffle Salt

I wanted to do a "sweet/spicy (not hot)" glaze for some shrimp on the barbie and was thinking about the Cajun mixed with some of that thick sweet balsamic.

Re: How was Penzey's My Dear? - Harborwitch - 10-29-2007

Only 4 oz of Prime rib rub?????? Sheeesh - a good month of bloody mary's will take care of that! Tsk.

Sounds like you had a ball. Good thing there's no Penzey's close to us!

I just noticed the Bavarian - makes great sausage!!! Love it.

Re: How was Penzey's My Dear? - Old Bay - 10-29-2007

Add some beef broth (Campbells double rich is best) to your Mary and it will make it a bull--Bloody Bull my friend--rich,you can chew the liquid, great before breakfast (every now and then). Be sure and use the broth!

Re: How was Penzey's My Dear? - Harborwitch - 10-29-2007

We'll have to try that! Sounds good, instead of breakfast??? I can't wait to try some with giant caper berries, do love pickled green beans, cucumbers, and olives rather than the celery.

Re: How was Penzey's My Dear? - Old Bay - 10-29-2007

No--before breakfast--My favorites with Bloody Bulls are pickled asparagus and celery sticks. Have sage sausage, grits and runny fried eggs for breakfast--let the egg yellow run into the grits--salt, and coarse ground black pepper--OMG-- is it Saturday yet!?!? A salty dog will clean the palet--take a nap and watch the game--great Sunday. Drink lots of water.

P.S. I love caperberries in dry gin martinis--I think I thought of that--I didn't read about it anywhere so I think that makes it original--I don't have a source to conceal.

Re: How was Penzey's My Dear? - Harborwitch - 10-30-2007

Have you found tomolives (Old South brand). They are tiny little pickled green tomatoes. Also good in bloody mary's. Addictive little b-----ds!

Oh, yes runny egg yolks in the grits! We used to love Old Bay seasoning on 'em, with some tobasco! Just curl up on the couch and pick your fave game, read the Sunday paper, and relax.