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Musicmaker, it worked! - Mare749 - 11-01-2007

Linda, I made those wonderful gingersnap cookies again last night and they turned out great! Nice and crispy the way he wanted them. Did what you said, made them slightly smaller AND gave them another minute or two. Perfect!

Everybody really has to make these cookies.


Re: Musicmaker, it worked! - MUSICMAKER - 11-01-2007

Great, Maryann!

I wanted some of these shortly after helping you out and had NO molasses and even worse, NO BUTTER!!! Not even in the freezer! Dang-gone! How did THAT happen!?!? NO BUTTER!!! So, off to the market....

...and as Maryann says, these ARE great! Great-Grandma Moses needs our unending gratitude for writing this recipe down so we can continue to enjoy them today! (yes, that's the name on the tattered paper her recipe was written on!)

P.S. Maryann. . .don't forget to try some with the lemon!!!