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New Cookbooks - bjcotton - 11-01-2007

I went to the bookstore (used) yesterday and they had stacks and stacks of new/used cookbooks. I picked up Gourmet's America, The Best of Gourmet 2006, and Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedia Cookbook. The had a couple more The Best of Gourmet for different years, but I figured 3 at one time was enough. That Culinary Arts Institute book has lots and lots of recipes 970 pages with 6 or eight recipes on a page sometimes.

Re: New Cookbooks - cjs - 11-02-2007

those will keep you off the streets for a while, Billy! Other than the 'Best of' they don't sound familiar - have fun.

Re: New Cookbooks - Harborwitch - 11-02-2007

It's a good thing I haven't found a used book store! We'd have to get another bookcase! Oh, but they are so much fun!

Re: New Cookbooks - DFen911 - 11-02-2007

Oh Billy the Best of Gourmet 2006 will drive you insane! You'll start reading and you'll want to instantly cook this...but wait..skip thru a bit and no no you want to cook THAT there's more over here. So many wonderful recipes.

Re: New Cookbooks - Roxanne 21 - 11-02-2007

One can not have enough of books, cookbooks, any kinda book!!!

Good on ya, Billy!!!! Let us know what you decide to create from these tomes and please share??!!??

Re: New Cookbooks - SDRecipeGirl - 11-03-2007

Those sound great! I'd be in trouble if I saw stacks and stacks of used cookbooks!!!

There is actually a Used Cookbook Shop in San Diego. I purposely have NOT been there yet. I have a real problem with wanting to buy too many. I suppose if I just left my CC's and ATM card at home and went in there with 40 dollars- that would be best. One of these days...

I got a cookbook for my birthday from my dear sister:

Kathy Casey's Northwest Table

It looks great!!

Re: New Cookbooks - cjs - 11-03-2007

off to look up - Kathy Casey's Northwest Table!