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Confess your peanut-butter silliness - labradors - 11-05-2007

In the thread about pineapple cream cheese, Harborwitch confessed:

I love it mixed with peanut butter. But then you know me and peanut butter!

Each of us probably has deep, dark culinary secrets of peanut butter use, but how many of us actually share them.

Well, "confession is good for the soul," so I'll start with a list of my own transgressions (in no particular order).
  • Dredging popcorn in peanut butter.
  • Melting peanut butter and white chocolate together and using that as a dip for popcorn.
  • Peanut butter and pear sandwiches.
  • Mixing a bunch of syrup into peanut butter and spreading the result onto pancakes, French toast, or waffles.
  • On-the fly, impromptu "mole" sauce: melt two tablespoons of peanut butter and one ounce of bitter-sweet chocolate in the microwave, mix in one or two tablespoons (depending upon mood) of "Quest for Fire" hot sauce, then add to sautéed chicken just before it is done.
  • and, finally, in accord with Harborwitch: mixing it with cream cheese (any flavour) for use on crackers or sandwiches, with or without jelly.
There. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I feel much better.

Who's next?

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - MUSICMAKER - 11-05-2007

eeehhhh, peanut butter cookies is the extent of my "indulgences" with the product! It's not exactly on my fav foods list! Pretty boring, huh?!

Now, if my Dad were here, there would be a list as long as his arm!!! He ate peanut butter EVERY DAY!

Oh, just thought of little sister...she made this salad one time when she was little...think she was around 6 or 7.... She put iceberg lettuce in a pie plate, smeared peanut butter over the lettuce, then added some mayo because the peanut butter was too difficult to spread, and then topped all that with orange segments! She still eats it to this day and swears it is "fantastic! You should try it!" Sorry sis, think I'll pass. Just ate, ya know! Maybe some other time, catch me next time BEFORE I have dinner! --- It's the MAYO that turns my stomach!

#1 will spread peanut butter on a slice of bread, crush some potatoe chips on top of that (so far I can handle that) but then, to "hold it all together", Ketchup! Not just ANY ketchup. MUST be Heinz! UGH! And if in the mood, Tabasco! All over. A LOT of it, ALL OVER!

Where do you guys get these ideas from???!!!

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - MUSICMAKER - 11-05-2007

Labradors, did you forget the one where someone would put straight peanut butter in your mouth/roof of your mouth, and you would frantically dance in circles, tongue flailing, trying desperately to get it out!?!

Out, PB, out! NOW! Out!

Sorry, Labs....couldn't resist that one! I'm still laughing about your post under BBally's soup bone post!!!

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - labradors - 11-05-2007


Sorry, Labs....couldn't resist that one! I'm still laughing about your post under BBally's soup bone post!!!

LOL! Love it!

As to the sandwich from #1, I could probably dig that.

The mayo one, probably not, but peanut butter and mayo is not altogether unheard of.

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - vannin - 11-05-2007

Peanut butter is far more effective in a mouse trap than cheese ever was.

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - lxxf - 11-05-2007

Other than in Asian pasta recipes, the last time I had a peanut butter sandwich it was with dill pickle slices. Don't laugh until you've tried it. I used to stuff celery with peanut butter for the kids.

Someone please make 1/2 and peanut butter and pickle sandwich and report back to me.

I forgot to mention, when we were recently married, decades ago, a cheap thrill was to put about a 1/2 inch smear of peanut butter on a cracker and feed it to the dog - a chow chow. The contortions he would make with his face to try to get the peanut butter off the roof of his mouth would have us rolling on the floor in laughter.

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - bjcotton - 11-05-2007

Aaaah, peanutbutter....PB and mayo sandwich; I used to take this sandy to work: PB on one slice of bread [thick], spread on mayo [not salad dressing, mayo], bologna, cheese, sliced onion, lettuce, spread mayo on the second slice of bread and put it on top. My co-workers used to gag when I told them what it was. Then one day one got brave enough to take a bite...almost didn't get my sandwich back. When I'm doing anything with PB my last act is to scoop up a glob and stick it in my mouth. Yum! PB and molasses; pb and celery; pb smeared over lettuce; pb and bread; pb and crackers; pb and pb pb on hotcakes; pb on waffles...

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - Trixxee - 11-05-2007

I'm not a huge sweet eater but every now and then I have to have something, now, and there might not be much to choose from.

But I will take a graham cracker, a little peanut butter and whipped cream and make a sandwich.

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - bjcotton - 11-05-2007

Oh yeah, graham crackers and pb; hi-hos and pb

Re: Confess your peanut-butter silliness - Harborwitch - 11-05-2007

Oh geeze creativity gang - mix a small can of Herdez salsa mexican with an equal amount of chunky pb, use as a dip for tortilla chips.

PB and salsa on mini tostada shells.

Saltine crackers, pb, and chipotle tabasco - best served standing in the kitchen.

Crunchy pb on toasted bread with black berry jam and chipotle tabasco.

PB & bacon sandwiches - which, of course, leads to Jean's BLT's with pb and basil. We are soooooo hooked on those.

PB and nutella half n half on a spoon!

PB in the quicky mole - yum!

PB in spicy Chinese noodles with grated cucumber.

PB in a dipping sauce for Satay.

PB on a finger, spoon, or whatever is handy.

PB & cream cheese any way you want to do it.

I'm getting hungry . . . . LOL!