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Pork steak??? - MUSICMAKER - 11-09-2007

What are these and how would you cook them???? Two of them were given to me....they are not the leanest pieces of meat ever seen and there is a bone in each of them.

Ideas or suggestions? ? ? ?


Re: Pork steak??? - cjs - 11-09-2007

Are they pretty thin? I used to dip in egg and cracker and fry 'em up.

Re: Pork steak??? - Harborwitch - 11-09-2007

Season 'em up and fry them - actually we've grilled them too, but I like them fried and with a pan gravy, some mashed taters, and the ol' green beans, bacon, & onion thang!

Re: Pork steak??? - pjcooks - 11-09-2007

Not what you want to hear, Linda, I'm sure, but when the kids were little, I used to Shake and Bake them ("and I helped"). Thank goodness their tastes finally changed. Course, that's when they decided they preferred pork tenderloin so the grocery bill went up!


Re: Pork steak??? - labradors - 11-09-2007

Carefully slit them in the middle and stuff them. All kinds of combinations possible.

Re: Pork steak??? - luvnit - 11-09-2007

You are right, these aren't the leanest pieces of meat, but they are full of flavor. We brown them in a pan and simmer them in cream of mushroom soup and serve it over white rice. Add a veggie and you are set!

Re: Pork steak??? - pjcooks - 11-09-2007


You are right, these aren't the leanest pieces of meat, but they are full of flavor.

And inexpensive, let's not forget that! I was always surprised by that. Meat on the table for $3 for 5 people, in those lean days... I'm sure most of you can relate to that! That was a long time ago, I have no idea what they cost now. They did have a lot of flavor, Laura. (Then they went the lean meat route, payback's a bi*#h)


Re: Pork steak??? - luvnit - 11-09-2007

Oh, yes, they are still inexpensive... about $1.39-$1.89 per pound. Maybe they are a little leaner. I don't know about that. But they are still one of my favorite cheap cuts of meat.

I can certainly relate to the 'leaner' days. We still have them, just not quite the same. Instead of seeing a '$0.00' balance in our account... we just go into ready reserve when necessary. Certain months the the bills just hit harder than others.

Re: Pork steak??? - Mare749 - 11-09-2007

No, they sure aren't the leanest cut of meat, but we like them a lot, so I do buy them once in a while. I like to season them well, then put into a screaming hot cast iron skillet, brown them up and make pan gravy. We also like to put them on the grill outside in the nicer weather.


Re: Pork steak??? - Harborwitch - 11-09-2007

Tell me about it! Geeze - the idiots Bob works for forgot to pay his mileage and shorted him almost 200 bucks. They thought he should be able to wait until the next payday! His manager had to convince them that they needed to pay it NOW so that we could make bills. They did, but man it was a scary day or two.

We're eatin' from the freezer for this week - not a bad idea.