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Pureed Raspberries - esgunn - 11-13-2007

I have about 1 1/2 cups of pureed raspberries left over from making jam. Just straight raspberries - right now still has seeds. Any thoughts on what I can do with it?

Re: Pureed Raspberries - DFen911 - 11-13-2007

MMmMMmm Rasberry glazed pork.

You could probably take the puree and add some balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, fresh orange zest, fresh thyme and cook it down and strain it. Grill up a tenderloin and baste it at the end with the glaze.

Re: Pureed Raspberries - MUSICMAKER - 11-13-2007

Soooo many things come to mind, Erin...Do the kids like Jell-O? Use the puree (strained) in place of the water. Can even make the "gigglers" for them. A Raspberry vinaigrette. Raspberry tiramisu (use the strained raspberries in place of the coffee). Triffles. Glaze for meat or chicken. Freeze it (strained) for future use. Use it for "punch" for the kids, raspberry lemonade, raspberry ice cubes. . . .

Re: Pureed Raspberries - labradors - 11-13-2007


MMmMMmm Rasberry glazed pork.

I'll second that (and probably have seconds of that, as well)!

Re: Pureed Raspberries - cjs - 11-13-2007

We're not having enough sun so you can't do this outside, but how about fruit leather in the oven??? Used to do this for my kids.

or smoothies.