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Hello Group - jtbailes - 11-15-2007

I was wondering if anyone knew what those little white booty things are called that go on the feet of the cooked turkey? AND if you'd know where I might be able to get them?

Thank you so much

Re: Hello Group - HomeCulinarian - 11-15-2007

They are called Frills - available at
[Image: 17211turkey.jpg]

Re: Hello Group - jtbailes - 11-15-2007

Thank you Home Cullinarian, I really appreciate your help. I am looking them up right now!
I knew I had asked the right group!

Re: Hello Group - bjcotton - 11-15-2007

Welcome jtbailes! I knew that....somewhere in the back of my mind. I got them for a Crown Roast of Pork one time, but normally just called them booties

Re: Hello Group - Lorraine - 11-15-2007

Welcome, JT! Target had them last weekend. If you have a Target store!

Re: Hello Group - jtbailes - 11-15-2007

that is cute! I found this online after getting the "name", I hope this helps others too!

THANKSGIVING ~ Free Craft Ideas and Recipes


Cut one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of white printer paper in half.


Fold each piece of paper in half.


Hold both folded papers together and cut equally spaced strips on the folded side.
Try to cut each frill the same depth and length, keeping up to 1/2" away from the end of the folded paper.


Open each frilled paper and fold in the opposite direction to add fullness to the frills.
Then wrap each handmade frill around each cooked turkey leg and use a child safe glue stick to secure.
Do not cook turkey with the frills on!
Turkey Frills are placed on a cooked turkey for an elegant presentation.

Re: Hello Group - cjs - 11-16-2007

welcome to the forum, JT! Good instructions to keep on hand! Espcially in my little town - when no time to order on line. thanks.