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Dinner Last Night - cjs - 11-16-2007

God, I miss my mind!! Using goodies from the freezer, I did a little search on C@H to find something different to do with my four chix thighs I had thawed out. Found a recipe - Spiced Chicken Thighs in Tomato Broth with Olives and Chickpeas, Issue #49, pg. 27 that sound right up our alley for flavors.

After dinner when I went to write up how we liked it on the magazine recipe, there was a note from 9/15/06 that we thot the flavors were wonderful.... I don't even remember making this - and I probably even reviewed it here at that time! geez.

If nothing else, I would have thot the smells in the kitchen would have kicked in the memory, the cooking odors are wonderful with the dish.

[Image: CHIXTHIGHS.jpg]

I made a stuffed squash (new one) dish to go with the chicken, but we weren't impressed with this at all, so won't be keeping the recipe, but darn it it looked so good coming out of the oven, I was disappointed.


The tomato broth from the chicken dish did help the flavor of the squash, but not enough to repeat the recipe.

[Image: DINNER-2.jpg]

Has anyone else done this chicken dish??

Re: Dinner Last Night - Roxanne 21 - 11-16-2007

Haven't done this one---for some reason I don't do the thigh thang!! We are strictly breast people---white meat!!!

Last night was the pork tenderloins diablo---wonderful!!! I made the potato mash and served with yellow squash--pattypans here. Nice dinner.

Re: Dinner Last Night - Trixxee - 11-16-2007

I made it - loved it. Used boneless skinless tenders though. Served it with frozen naan from Trader Joe's.

Re: Dinner Last Night - cjs - 11-16-2007

"Served it with frozen naan" - oh, I wish I'd had some naan to serve it with!

Re: Dinner Last Night - Lorraine - 11-16-2007

Too bad about the squash, it looks great. As does the chicken! Off to find the recipe.

Re: Dinner Last Night - Trixxee - 11-16-2007

Their frozen naan is surprisingly good. Too good. I can really stuff myself on it.

Re: Dinner Last Night - luvnit - 11-16-2007

Oooh that all looks so good.

Wait! I think I spotted the Virgin Mary in your Stuffed Squash!!!!!

Great pictures. I love the pics!

Re: Dinner Last Night - cjs - 11-17-2007

"Wait! I think I spotted the Virgin Mary in your Stuffed Squash!!!!!"

go find your room, Laura!!

Re: Dinner Last Night - luvnit - 11-17-2007

hee-hee-hee (that's me laughing at my own joke, while I am in my room )

Re: Dinner Last Night - Jer - 11-18-2007

This looks good. I have a chicken thigh recipee that I use from
Cooking Light. "Chicken Tagine with Lemon and Olives" It is really