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Suggestions . . . please - Harborwitch - 11-20-2007

Well I candied the jalapenos - and I have yet to stuff them and dip them BUT I have a quart of lovely sugar syrup that I just hate to toss.

I just thought of a savory baklahva??? Any other suggestions will be gleefully considered. Jennifer will be home from out of town today and if it's still in the kitchen she's goin' to dump it.

Re: Suggestions . . . please - Dismc - 11-20-2007

Could you share the recipe for the candied jalapenos? Last holiday season we were offered these as an appetizer at a party. She served them with cream cheese and frito scoops. Absolutely delicious.

Re: Suggestions . . . please - cjs - 11-20-2007

the sugar syrup has the jalapeno flavor???

sugar up some nuts, poach pears in it w/choc. sauce,a sorbet, add to a chutney, hmmmmmm

Re: Suggestions . . . please - Harborwitch - 11-20-2007

Oh yeah! It even has a green tint. Now, lots of ideas - have to go play with them. Thank you for your suggestions - I think this will be fun.

Oh, I will post the recipe for the candied chiles a bit later - must get a few things done before I get back to the computer.

Re: Suggestions . . . please - Lorraine - 11-20-2007

Sorry, Sharon. I can't think of any suggestions, other than a lock for the fridge door.

Re: Suggestions . . . please - bjcotton - 11-20-2007

Any juice around? POM pomegranite? Make a granita use any juice you want. Tasty and no fuss.

Re: Suggestions . . . please - Harborwitch - 11-20-2007

Hadn't thought of that! Cranberry jalapeno granita!!! Wheee! That'll brighten the old dinner up!

Shhhhhhhhhh: (don't tell anyone but I just might try Paula Dean's deep fried cranberry jelly fritters)

Now it's time to go vac. the dead ants out of the freezer! Dummies. Geeze. Instead of the old phrase "like lemmings to the sea" . . . now it's "like ants to the freezer!"