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Dinner Party - DFen911 - 12-04-2007

Well it went fantastic

Arrived at 3:30 and started the prep and at 7:15 dinner was served.

I guess the true testament was the fact that all the plates came back clean, but for the thigh bone

Now next time I have to remember to eat during the day. By 9pm when I left I was so physically drained and it was then it dawned on me that I had not eaten anything all day. Just the sips from tasting spoons.

The only 'problem' was I could not find the cucumbers for the appetizer and had to send my server to the store to grab some. The minute she got back, I found them I guess I put them in the fridge and didn't even realize it.

Final menu was -

Cucumbers slices with sundried tomato cream cheese
Puff Pastry with black peper chicken puree

Coq au Vin
Salmon with Fennel
Herb Roasted Potatoes
Mixed Greens with an orange vinaigrette, orange supremes and toasted pine nuts
Whole wheat dinner rolls

It was cute cause the lady that hired me got my name and info from another client, who also happen to be there. As my new client is giving a tour to some of the guests she points to the kitchen and says "this is Chef Fennell who's preparing our dinner tonight...". Lots of ooo's and ah's. And then I hear my other client pipe in "Oh she's wondeful! I discovered her back in August..." Lol so now I've been discovered? hehe

Re: Dinner Party - cjs - 12-04-2007

congratulations on a job well done, Chef Fennell!!

How funny, there is a group I cooked for in California and one of the gals made the same claim about me...

Denise, I used to carry around a box of dry cereal (Kashi or something like that) and I'd grab handfuls driving and working around town, so I'd have something in my stomach...
those were the days I was so svelte.... (can you be svelte at 5'3"???)

Re: Dinner Party - farnfam - 12-04-2007

Chef Fennell, that has a nice ring to it

Re: Dinner Party - HomeCulinarian - 12-04-2007

Sounds wonderful and you're poised for a great future, Chef Fennell!

Re: Dinner Party - Roxanne 21 - 12-04-2007

GO GIRL!!!!! What a relief that must have been----we are all very proud of you and your achievements sweetie----bigger and better things are in the future

CHEF FENNEL??? Fennel is a nice addition!!! YAAAYYYY CHEF!!!!

Re: Dinner Party - pjcooks - 12-04-2007

Congrats, Denise, anoather fine job!

Will you remember us all when you're rich and famous?

Happy to hear all went so well.


Re: Dinner Party - vannin - 12-04-2007

Fantastic Denise, I think I would die of delight if someone said that about me.

Re: Dinner Party - Lorraine - 12-04-2007

I used to carry around a box of dry cereal

I'll have to tell him that. I usually phone him to remind him to eat.

Denise, huge congrats!!!!

Re: Dinner Party - bjcotton - 12-04-2007

I have to chime in Denise! Great job.

Hi Dale, long time no see girl.

Re: Dinner Party - Mare749 - 12-04-2007

Congratulations, Chef Fennell! That does sound good! And don't you love hearing it after all your hard work? And, you deserve it. What a nice meal you made for these people. Hopefully, it's getting a little easier and slightly less stressful with each new client. Keep us posted on your adventures, we all love hearing about them.