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Remind Me Button - esgunn - 12-06-2007

Ok - went searching. Found it! Can't believe I missed it all this time. For anyone else wondering - at the bottom of the post screen there are 4 buttons - I think one is the notify moderator, one is remind me (finger with string on it), one is email and I don't remember the other - probably the print mode which I am always looking for too! It will put the reminded posts on your My Home page under reminders.

When you reply - not the quick reply - you can also mark a post as a favorite. So far this is the only way I know to do this - then it will also list these on your My Home page and any replies to the favorite post. It will also send you and email to your listed email account the replies. So, if you were posted an "URGENT - need help or need recipe" you could put it as a favorite and get all the replies sent directly to your email - so you didn't have to go onto the forum to see if anyone responded yet.

The things we miss...

Good Idea Laura! This way I don't have to hijack the fudge post too!

Re: Remind Me Button - bjcotton - 12-06-2007

If you check Jean's "I played yesterday" thread you'll find I explained the "remind me" button. I have quite a list of "remind me" threads. I don't know how many you can have but it's quite a few.

Re: Remind Me Button - HomeCulinarian - 12-06-2007

Thanx for pointing this out. I hadn't noticed it before and will definitely use it to mark recipes I want to copy into Master Cook.

Re: Remind Me Button - cjs - 12-06-2007

does this mean I'm still playing??????

Re: Remind Me Button - luvnit - 12-06-2007

I saw it, just never knew what it was for. Learn something new every day I guess!

Re: Remind Me Button - labradors - 12-06-2007

The only ones showing for me are "Print," "Notify Moderator," and "Email."

Re: Remind Me Button - bjcotton - 12-06-2007

You only have three? There should be one between print and notify moderator...should be a hand with a string around the index finger. Contact Brian or Carlos and ask if they can put that button on your posts. Maybe it's because you're out of the country. I wonder if Roxanne has one.. I know Lorraine has one since she's the one that told me about it. But, that may have been on the old website, maybe she doesn't have one here.

Re: Remind Me Button - Roxanne 21 - 12-07-2007

Yes I do have one but, like most of the others, I did not know what it was for---GEESH---don't cha just love to learn something new everyday?? Now to play with it--what a great idea---as the light bulb goes to the on mode!!!

Re: Remind Me Button - labradors - 12-07-2007

Found the problem, but haven't been able to resolve it, yet.

It turns out that "addreminder.gif" is the name of that image. My ad blockers appear to be be blocking it because that name has "ad" in it. Were it only "reminder.gif" or "remindme.gif" there would be no problem.

Oddly enough, I've tried adding it to the exception list for the ad blockers, even turning off the ad blockers, but it still won't appear.

Obviously, I'm still missing something else. I'll keep looking.

Re: Remind Me Button - bjcotton - 12-07-2007

Hey, my picture disappeared...does that mean I'm dead?