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Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - bjcotton - 12-15-2007

Each year I swear I will NOT individually wrap each gift going to one person...just put them in a large box with lots of packing, shredded paper, etc., so each one has to be searched we go again. I don't know how many individual parts one of the gifts consists of, but lots, here I am again wrapping each individually....again

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - luvnit - 12-15-2007

I also dislike gift wrapping. But there is a solution....

Gift bags!!! I love em. Especially when you can find them for $.99 ea. You could probably find great deals at the $1 Store.

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - pjcooks - 12-15-2007

I love wrapping presents! I have a wrapping station all set up by the tree and I wrap as soon as I buy. Wish I were there, I'd be happy to spend an afternoon wrapping your gifts. Course, you'd have to feed me!


Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - cjs - 12-15-2007

I don't care how much you hate wrapping all of them individually, Billy J, you must!!!! We love all the unwrapping - so there!

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - bjcotton - 12-15-2007

I may just take a page out of Laura's book for some of them though. I am not the world's greatest wrapper, but I'm sure SOMEBODY will appreciate the effort. Some of the stuff is so small I just rolled it up in paper and tied a ribbon around each for me! My lil' sis complained one year she never could find paper to write notes on so I got several packets of Post It notes and wrapped them individually, even the little bitty ones

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - vannin - 12-15-2007

Do you remember Billy, Carol and you carefully put goodies in those delicious little bags, and I still have them. Too good to throw away. Carol attached the diamond ;Þ D to the bag for Daisy, and I didn't see it at first, a special surprise.

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - bjcotton - 12-15-2007

Carol and I were talking about you, Shane and the doggies yesterday.

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - Lorraine - 12-15-2007

My middle name is Martha. I save paper bags, cut the ends off, turn them inside out, spray them with wter, iron them, then paint them. A big brush, gold paint, you're set! OK, I've only done two this year. LOL I have raffia, I have some gold tinsely kind of stuff, I have every ribbon and bow known to man. And this year, I have no gifts to wrap.

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - bjcotton - 12-15-2007

Well, darlin', I can see why. Everyone saw them from last year and said, "Girl, that woman is certified Kra---azy!"

I returned to the Dollar Tree and was looking to see if they had some small boxes, etc., to wrap the small gifts in. Well, they didn't; but, they had these sweet little paper sacks with handles, 3 for $1; well, those would work just peachy for *whisper* you know who's little gifts*; then I turned the corner and lo and behold they had all these Christmas stockings and bottle socks, just a dollar each...hee hee hee, I wonder if they'll take the wrapping paper back?

Re: Off Topic - Gift Wrapping - farnfam - 12-15-2007

I like wrapping presents. I especially like foil paper and stuff that's shiny. And I LOVE curling ribbon!!!