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Off to Portland AGAIN - bjcotton - 12-15-2007

Well, it seems that my lil' sis, after having knee surgery, is ignoring the doctor's instructions, reminds me of some of my friends...don't bother to hide your face now water or whatever is collecting on her knee and it is swelling up from standing at work. Now, this has been going on for about 10 days and I just find out today. Oh well, I can pickup the rest of Lolly's stuff and deliver my brother's Xmas present before I beat her about the head and shoulders.

Anyone need anything?

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - Mare749 - 12-16-2007

You sure are traveling a lot these days, Billy. You and Buddy must really be enjoying the new car! Be safe, have fun!

Nice of you to ask if anybody needs anything. Can you send a little elf out this way who likes to clean house?


Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - bjcotton - 12-16-2007

If I find one of those Maryann, I'm going to keep it.

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - cjs - 12-16-2007

Take her to Vestas (for lunch!)....and tell Scotty hi!!

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - Harborwitch - 12-16-2007

Would you happen to be going anywhere near Penzeys????

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - Roxanne 21 - 12-16-2007

Oh my!!!! Billy---you sure do have your adventures!!! Take care and all the best to little sis---Marilee is it??? I stand to be corrected on this---

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - Lorraine - 12-17-2007

Take her to Vestas (for lunch!)....

Wouldn't that be fun???? Safe travels, Billy.

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - bjcotton - 12-17-2007

I am going to be near Penzey's Sharon, what do you wish dear?

It is Marilee Roxanne. When y'all come back to the states I think the NW would be the optimum area for you to choose

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - bjcotton - 12-18-2007

I'm home now! Let the telephone commence ringing, emails accummulating and all that good stuff!

Re: Off to Portland AGAIN - Gourmet_Mom - 12-18-2007

Welcome home Billy! I hope you weren't too hard on Marilee, but left her behaving!