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Dinner Review (the real one...) - cjs - 12-16-2007

Dinner Review for Dec. 17th - Pork Wellington with Roasted Mushroom Sauce and Lemon Broccolini - from the Holiday Meals book, is that right??

What a great lookin' dish this is and very tasty also. The directions on this one were spot on, I'd be anxious to hear if anyone had trouble putting it together. (I have criticized [Email]c@h[/Email] directions before....

[Image: porkwellington.jpg]
but, Denise, I don't understand the need (or preference) for adding the potato??? More work - and really needed?

Roy gave this one a 12!! Me, since I'm not the mushroom fan he is, I'll give it a strong 9. But certainly will make again - I only made two so I have 2 more quarters of pastry, so I think I'll make a meatloaf wellington with the other two.

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - farnfam - 12-16-2007

Oh that looks so YUM!! Er, what was it again? guess I missed this dinner, been a bit scattered lately.

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - cjs - 12-16-2007

Pork Wellington with Roasted Mushroom Sauce and Lemon Broccolini - stay with us here, Cis...holidays gettin' to you?

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - Mare749 - 12-16-2007

That looks incredible, Jean. Very nice pic too. I don't know about Cis, but the holidays are certainly getting away from me. Time flies when you're havin' fun! I will have to do this dish soon.


Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - Trixxee - 12-16-2007

Ohhh, I'm going to have to try this one too!

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - Gourmet_Mom - 12-16-2007

Jean, that's gorgeous! It looks like I may have to wait for this one, as the weather has turned crappy here and my car doesn't like rain or wind. Christmas/Grocery shopping in town is off for another two days at least. Not that I'm complaining, we needed the rain, bad! I've also got plants to get in...going from upper 70's to below freezing tonight! But I will be making this.

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - farnfam - 12-16-2007

cj, yeah holidays are comin in quick lol. Change of schedule at the mill means we'll be able to travel out to spend Christmas with the girls. Casey want to look at dresses while I'm there. Heidi and Piotr got me tickets to a hockey game for my birthday and yeah, I'm getting all overwhelmed. Course, it never took very much to confuse me in the first place

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - pjcooks - 12-16-2007

Loved loved loved this! The goat cheese was a nice addition, and the mushroom sauce was excellent as well!

Here's the inside

[Image: DSCN0570.jpg]

I wanted to do it again today (did this one 2 weeks ago) but it won't stop snowing long enough to get to the store.

A definate keeper!


Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - Roxanne 21 - 12-16-2007

Okay===a day early BUT!!!! I don't have a pic BUT this was an awesome dish---Peter ate every last morsel and I did as well!!!

the put together was not that difficult----not intimidating at all. It did involve a bit of time but the end result was worth it!!!

The thang I do---egg wash before the chilling step and then egg wash again before the oven---browning is much better---IMHO!! The pastry is soooo crisp and flaky---YUMMM!!!!

I did not have broccolini so made a sauteed zucchini---perfect addition.

I will make this again---hope to see other reviews from the first timers!!!!

Re: Dinner Review (the real one...) - DFen911 - 12-16-2007

Oh everyones pictures look so good!! I wish I had taken one of my mine.

Jean I added the potato to give it more substance. And the flavor of them came out great. This was such a fun recipe to do. I want to play with them with beef too and see if I can get the proper doneness on each one. Medium, and medium well.

For those that haven't done this, do so. It is such an easy dish, and yet so elegant. I may do these for a dinner party I'm throwing after the holidays.