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Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - Trixxee - 12-16-2007

the Pork Cutlets Diane in issue no. 63? I would really like to make the wellington recipe tonight but for some reason it's overwhelming me right now. Served with smashed red potatoes and herbs, it all looks good in the picture!

Re: Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - cjs - 12-16-2007

that looks good, but let me try something - the instructions that go with this dish might intimidate a lot of folks and they are not necessary - basically all the dish is, is -

Cut your tenderloin into (I did 4 oz. rather than 6) filets; sear them in a skillet then chill.
Make the mushrooms sauce in the same skillet, remove and chill.
saute the spinach with the garlic and pepper flakes, remove and chill.

roll out the puff pastry just a little bit and cut into squares (I made just two and cut them into 6" squares).
lay 1/2 piece of prosciutto in the middle of the pastry
top with a pork piece
smear a little goat (or whatever cheese you want) over the filet.
top with a dollop of spinach mix.
lay the other 1/2 of prosciutto over this.

Brush the four edges of the pastry with egg/water mixture.
(keep this egg mixture for later)
bring up to opposing corners over the top and lap them on the top; press just a little to seal together.
bring up the other two corners and seal them also.

That's it - you don't have to do all the garnishing/decorations.

Chill the pkgs. for at least 30 minutes.
Remove from frig. 30 minutes before baking.
Brush them all over with egg mixture.

Pop them in your 425 F. oven for 30 minutes.
If they look like they are getting a little too brown, remove and stick a temp. probe in the side to the middle.

If the temp is to 150 F. remove and let rest 5 minutes.
If it's not to temp, just lay a piece of foil over and return to the oven until the 30 minutes is up.

While the pkgs. are in the oven, zap your mushroom sauce in the microwave oven and all is ready for your dinner!!

See, it doesn't need all the verbage that gets in our way! do this one, and then we'll move on to meatloaf does that sound???

You can do it and you'll be surprised at how easy this really is!!

Re: Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - pjcooks - 12-16-2007

Thanks Jean for taking the time to type this out. I thought of doing it, because sometimes CatHome can make it look overwhelming, but ran out of time. Once it's broken down into steps it goes quickly.


Hope you give it a try, Trix!

Re: Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - DFen911 - 12-16-2007

Trix try it! I had always wanted to do a wellington myself and I decided to give it a go and it was so much fun! And so easy!!!

Re: Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - Trixxee - 12-16-2007

I will try it - I promise! I do think on the surface some C@H recipes look daunting but like you've said, when you break it down it's not bad.

I did make a Wellington years ago - Salmon. It was really good and looked quite impressive.

My husband is at Costco as we speak buying pork tenderloin so you know I'll have plenty on hand even after making the Diane recipe tonight.

Jean - thanks for typing it out in a simpler form!

Re: Speaking of Pork, has anyone.... - cjs - 12-16-2007

You're so welcome!!