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Oh no!!! - vannin - 12-18-2007

I mentioned briefly the other day DH had found a really good rye bread in one of our supermarkets. And he brought another home today. Unfortunately he also had a chat with the baker. Now get this, and grieve for me.

The frozen loaves are imported from the USA. California.

Apparently for any of the bakers to put the equipment in would cost millions of $'s, that is, to get the same result. And the sour is brought in too. Evidently our population is just too small, esp. the population that eats that beautiful rye, and the sourdough. Bummer.

Oh whoa, we are even importing bread.

Re: Oh no!!! - DFen911 - 12-18-2007

Unfortunately most of our fruit is imported too. I'm seeing oranges in the store from Chili and yet I drive by acres of groves every day.

Sour dough bread should only be bought from San Francisco

Re: Oh no!!! - luvnit - 12-18-2007


I guess I do not know where you are. Are you far from the US?

Re: Oh no!!! - Harborwitch - 12-18-2007

Or made at home. It's not difficult once you get a good starter going. Right now I have a white and a whole wheat starter. Maybe I'll do a rye yum!

Re: Oh no!!! - cjs - 12-18-2007

Dale, it's probably from the San Francisco area - the birth place of the best sour dough in the world!!!!

When we lived in Illinois, anyone who came to visit that did not bring S.F. sourdough bread with them didn't get thru the door!

Re: Oh no!!! - vannin - 12-18-2007

Well, importing bread seems very odd to me, but I don't care, it is so good it doesn't matter, and I will keep buying it. To guests who love it, I shall breezily say, "oh yes, marvelous isn't it, it comes from San Francisco". Tee Hee it is so funny.

Re: Oh no!!! - vannin - 12-18-2007

I must investigate this starter thing more earnestly. I have been a bit afraid of it, which is very silly.

Re: Oh no!!! - Harborwitch - 12-18-2007

Go to and read some of the posts and recipes there. I've been doing it on and off since I was in my 20's and it's so much fun. Sunday I made a sourdough potato bread that is to die for. Then there's sourdough biscuits, pancakes, and more!

Re: Oh no!!! - cjs - 12-18-2007

But...the, what is it enzymes, bacteria, whatever in San Francisco is unique in some way and that's why S.F. has the authenic sourdough.

What all the rest of us do is wonderful, but compare it to S.F. sometime.

Re: Oh no!!! - Harborwitch - 12-18-2007

There's something - it's an intangible "something" that makes it the best sourdough bread there is, depending on the bakery. Not all of them are the same quality. But, that said - every batch of starter is different. If you live in an area where you can set your starter outside with just cheesecloth over the top you can attract wild yeasts and have a whole different kind of starter.