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What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - cjs - 12-31-2007

What's everyone up to tonight - how many think they can stay up until midnight? I'm sure I won't make it unless my best friend, Coleenie shows up. They are working their way up from California, but they have to stop at every marker and sight along the way, so who knows.

We're keeping it real simple - if they're here -

a couple of mini pizzas topped with
duck confit/demi glace, cheese and Blueberry Chutney
Crab & Corn (using a dip/spread mixture)

Clam & Corn Chowder

and some kind of chocolate and lemon desserts.

AND SHE'S BRINGING THE KAHLUA!!! (and champagne)

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - Lorraine - 12-31-2007

I'll probably usher the New Year in. Not many on the books tonight, so he's doing a modified Chef's tasting. Then all the stations have to be emptied and washed since they'll be closed for two weeks. We'll eat whatever has be gotten rid of. I'm hoping there's some duck, pork shanks, or racks of lamb.

Happy New Year, everyone. Have fun and stay safe!

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - Mare749 - 12-31-2007

We're spending the evening with our girls, hubbies, and babies. I'm taking Jean's sesame chicken appy and haven't decided what else. I have to run to the store, so it will be whatever strikes my fancy.

Ron and I always make New Years Dinner. We usually do 2 pork roasts, sauerkraut with smoked sausage, mashed potatoes, scalloped apples, rolls and pecan pie. Nice light meal.


Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - pjcooks - 12-31-2007

Lost the first one, here we go again-Mike and I are staying at the beach (Hampton, NH) where we'll eat at a restaurant/nightclub and dance the night away to the music of The Old Bastards, a good 60's-70's band. The first night away in over 3 years! Can't wait.

Lorraine, eatting up the food doesn't sound so bad to me! Hope there's lots of goodies for you! And, Jean, that doesn't sound all that simple to me but it sure sounds good!

Have a very happy and SAFE New Year's Eve, everyone!


Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - Roxanne 21 - 12-31-2007

You all sound as tough you have FUN times ahead!!!! ENJOY and I will be thinking of you-----FOOD??? DANCING??? WAITING for guests and the New YEAR!!!!! How good does that sound??!!! Stay safe and healthy----

I did a ham (first one in a few YEARS!!!) and it was really good-----served with potato mash and broccoli au gratin----chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert----we will watch old timer movies until about 11:45 p.m. and then the fireworks etc at midnight=====SOON!!!

We always have a VERY QUIET New Year's evening---the roads here are crazy and it is always nice to spend special time together--safe and sound in our humble abode!!

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - Corinne - 12-31-2007


I'm sleepy now. We're staying home, eating leftovers and drinking champagne. DH has to work tomorrow. Yep, wild and crazy!

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - esgunn - 12-31-2007

I won't make it I know that. Was up all night with a little boy with an ear infection and burst ear drum. Will be crashing early. Steve just left on a 10 day trip this morning so just the kids and I anyway. Oh well.

One trick my mom and her friends have done in the past here on the west coast - celebrate New Years at east coast time! That would be 9pm our time. As I get older sure sounds like a good idea to me!

Happy New Year!

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - vannin - 12-31-2007

Poor wee mite Erin, ears can be such a problem. I hope things improve quickly.

We have had NY eve, it was wild. DH went to bed at 10pm, and I watched the Royal Gala Performance on TV. The 1st January is a perfect day here, though maybe a little hot outside. My daughter went up to Warkworth with friends, and tells me there is incriminating video evidence. Oldest son probably had one glass of champagne, youngest son is probably still unconscious, or if not floating around in a boat on the Hauraki with his head over the side and a line tied to his toe.

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - bjcotton - 12-31-2007

What does midnight look like? The last time I stayed up that late was because I was sick as a dog and had no interest in what time it was The only reason I might be up at that time is because the fireworks drive Buddy bonkers.

Re: What's Everyone Doing The New Year's Eve? - esgunn - 12-31-2007

I would probably feel totally different if New Years was in the middle of Summer! What a difference that would make. It never gets dark here until 9 or 10 pm in the summer and right now it is dark at 4:30pm.

Vannin - sounds like a wonderful New Years for all.