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New Year's Resolutions??? - luvnit - 12-31-2007

Anyone have a New Year's Resolution they want to share?

Mine are typical:
  • Be more organized
  • Shed a few pounds
  • Work on a couple of professional goals

However, my best resolution I ever had was this:
  • Don't wish my life away

Essentially, I had been 'wishing it were Friday' or 'wishing it were payday' or whatever. I decided not to wish it were anything but TODAY. It was a resolution that I was able to stick to and I thoroughly enjoyed that year. I love the New Year holiday and feel we are fortunate for a clean slate every single year.

Let's make the most of it!

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - Mare749 - 12-31-2007

Yours are so good, Laura, that now I can't think of my own. Might just have to copy. Thanks and Happy New Year!


Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - Lorraine - 12-31-2007

Great resolution, Laura! Mine is to do what ever it takes to get my Visa in order. Not my credit card, but my immigration papers. Then I won't have to wish my days away.

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - pjcooks - 12-31-2007

I think we all have the "shed a few pounds" thing (WHY???) but I like your last one. My grandmother said that to me, as well as my ex-husband, when my children were all small and I was going crazy with 3 preschoolers at home. (Hi, Erin) and I took it to heart. Best advice I ever got.

I want to tidy up my life, make it simpler and less cluttered. I've already made the first step, I've changed my work hours starting Jan 2, so that I'm not driving to work in the pitch black through deer territory. I've just given myself an extra 45 min a day, let's hope I don't decide to fill that with some unimportant task like housework!!


Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - labradors - 12-31-2007

A long time ago, I resolved to stop making New-Year's resolutions.

I have KEPT that resolution.

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - esgunn - 12-31-2007

Hi PJ!

Don't ya just know it! I really like where we are right now - even though it is so terribly hectic, and challenging. I really am enjoying teaching them at home. What a great decision for us to have made. I hope it continues to be that way.

My resolutions -

1. the biggy - loose pounds and start exercising.

2. Be better at meal planning and budgeting (Steve will be off active duty orders for 3 months at least, maybe more - so no regular income for us starting in April. YIKES! March will be busy stocking the freezer!

3. Be better about organization and housekeeping.

That's it. As if that isn't enough!

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - bjcotton - 12-31-2007

Well, let's see; if I were any more organized I couldn't stand myself. Already lost a few pounds [25]; and I don't make New Year's resolutions because I always forget them.

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - Harborwitch - 12-31-2007

I'm going to have to get more organized - resolution or not!

#1: I hereby resolve to live another year - and rejoice in every single day, no matter how crappy.
#2: I hereby resolve to go as far as I can on establishing my Personal Chef business and the list of tasks for that is long.

#3: I hereby resolve to do what I can to improve my fitness - I know the weight issue is due to meds and I have no idea if . . . , but I want to improve my strength and flexibility ( ).

#4: I hope to spend as much time with my good friends here and my other friends as I can - and try to express my gratitude to each of them for their love, support, and encouragement!

I think that's enough for one year!

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - bjcotton - 01-01-2008

Amen Sharon! I was going to say Here Here, but don't know if it's spelled that way or Hear Hear Oh krap, who cares how it's go girl!

Re: New Year's Resolutions??? - Harborwitch - 01-01-2008

I don't care how it's spelled either - you're a sweetie!