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Jan 7th Dinner - bjcotton - 12-31-2007

I'm afraid I'm going to have to opt out of this adventure. I will be in the VA hospital for several hours a day throughout the coming week for "tests." They will be doing pancreatic enzyme tests several times each poor arms will have lots of new holes. Also they are going to evaluate my "benign enlarged prostate" to see if they can make it easier for me to urinate. Doesn't this sound like fun?

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - pjcooks - 12-31-2007

I'm sorry you're having problems, Billy, hopefully you'll be able to put them behind you early in the new year.

We'll be thinking of you


Re: Jan 7th Dinner - bjcotton - 12-31-2007

With the prostate problem, PJ, the problem will certainly be behind me

Re: Jan 7th Dinnera - Harborwitch - 01-01-2008

Punkin we'll be thinking about you! I'll give you a call to make sure you're okay.

Get everything fixed (and tell those doctors to make sure they get it right the first time!) so you can come play with us in the kitchen!! Hurry Hurry!! We need a "Billy fix". We love you Sweetie!

Re: Jan 7th Dinnera - bjcotton - 01-01-2008

Thanks Sharon. I love y'all too! If I had as many needles sticking out of me as I've had stuck in me I'd look like a porcupine! When I went in for the "emergency bypass" I was in the hospital 22 days and never did have the surgery...they put 3 stents in instead on day 21. Told 'em on day 20 if they didn't do something by day 21 I was leaving...they took blood every 4 hours for 21 days to monitor the blood thinners. On day 21 I told them NO MORE blood tests! My arms were solid bruises.

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - labradors - 01-01-2008

Will be praying for you.

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - Gourmet_Mom - 01-01-2008

We will be praying all goes well here too Billy!

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - cjs - 01-01-2008

Oh Billy, sorry to hear this - knockers up, Sweetie! (or chins, or whatever...)

Keep the list for this mystery dinner handy tho, Billy - it's all things you like and I think you'd have fun with it.

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - Corinne - 01-01-2008

Billy, what a horrible week. Hopefully the doctors will sort it all out quickly.

Re: Jan 7th Dinner - lxxf - 01-01-2008

Take care - hope they'll fix you up better than new!