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Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - bjcotton - 12-31-2007

I just ordered my third paid today! I have ordinary glasses with bifocals for everyday; I have a pair that the upper part is a trifocal prescription and the bottom is bifocal for the computer; today I ordered a pair with the upper part ordinary near sighted prescription and the bifocal part a trifocal prescription for driving...can't read my control panels Now that shows I'm getting old

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - vannin - 12-31-2007

Just one pair, you know Shane has two pairs, and spends most of his life looking for them. I estimate he spends more time looking for his glasses that he does sleeping.

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - labradors - 12-31-2007

Just the ones I wear when my contact lenses are out.

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-01-2008

I guess I'm in-between. When I have my contacts on to correct near-sightedness since childhood, I now need reading glasses...thankfully cheap! Without my contacts, I can read fine. The problem....I read aloud a lot at school, but wear my contacts...thus the reading glasses to read. I can't master walking around reading with the glasses on without walking about like a drunkard...LOL! On a positive note, hubby solved the TV in bed thing last year on our silver wedding anniversary with a BIG 42" plasma! (The kids talked him into it..."Dad it's silver and Mom looks stupid wearing her tinted glasses at night after she takes out her contacts." I refused to buy another pair of regular glasses...LOL!)

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - bjcotton - 01-01-2008

I tried one pair with all three prescriptions but could never keep track of the trifocals. I'd move, sneeze, or whatever and then have to hunt for them. Now I leave the driving glasses in the car and the computer glasses by the computer. Think I'll get a chain to hang the regular glasses around my neck since I don't have any hair to stick them in

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - cjs - 01-01-2008

just one pair and lots of clip on sun glasses. I used to have prescription sun glasses, but always had to hunt them down...

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - lxxf - 01-01-2008

Just two, both bi-focals one has transitions lenses for everyday and another for the computer. Don't despair, one choir director we had had 6 pair of glasses! One day he showed up for church with the wrong glasses for conducting - everyone was shoving their glasses at him.

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - HomeCulinarian - 01-01-2008

Just one pair of bifocals to wear when my contacts are out. I went with monovision contacts - left eye for near and right eye for distance. Took some getting used to, but now I love them. As a child, I had very good vision, then after about age 40 I started needing glasses to read. I had about 6 pair of readers everywhere! If I forgot my readers at the store, I'd ask my child to read packages and small print signs for me. Always laugh about that because I was sure other shoppers thought me to be illiterate!

Hubby has a regular pair and prescription sunglasses. We look for his glasses quite often.

Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - Mare749 - 01-01-2008

None. I had my vision corrected 3 years ago. Best thing I ever did, I was as blind as a bat. I wore contacts for distance, but needed cheaters to read. So, there were reading glasses in every room in the house and in both cars as well.


Re: Pairs of Glasses, How Many Do You Have? - Roxanne 21 - 01-01-2008

Just my reading glasses for now but I see bifocals in the not too distant future----oh, and, the sunglasses----a MUST here--the sun is sooo bright and intense especially with the clear skies!!!

I read a great deal---blurring is becoming a problem even though I have the eyes checked every 6 months---tough getting old!!!

And Peter---well---he has one for the computer, one for reading, one for just every other use, presciption sunglasses, presciption shooting glasses (two tints--one for cloudy day, one for sunny day!!!) and guess who has to go searching for the never ending loss of one or another----now to have my sight fixed so that I can find HIS!!!