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What's Cookin' Today?? - cjs - 01-01-2008

Happy New Year to us all!

What's everyone cooking today? I think I'm going to wing it - we have so much stuff from Christmas...maybe a last minute mystery bag would be fun...

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-01-2008

I bought a bag of black-eyed peas, but hubby came home yesterday evening with a zip lock from a neighbor out by the camp. The man said they were black-eyed peas, but they sure look different. (This guy could self sustain...all kinds of "walking poultry" and grows EVERYTHING.) We'll see. They're soaked and ready to cook with smoked sausage and onions. Collards need cleaning and cooking, but that won't take long. I do need to go put my ham bone on though. Then I'll make fried corn bread at the last's best hot. Traditional New Year's dinner here!

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - lxxf - 01-01-2008

I've got some nice rib-eyes in the fridge - maybe some garlic mashers and a cucumber salad. I'll have to see which of my guys is willing to bbq in the snow, lol.

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - cjs - 01-01-2008

I have some Hoppin' John left in the freezer, so I'm all set for my goodluck.

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - HomeCulinarian - 01-01-2008

We have a family tradition from my paternal grandma to have ham and cabbage on new years day for health and prosperity. Never knew which food was for which thing. So, we have a ham and wlll steam some cabbage to go with it. Added hoppin' john to the menu the last few years. I ate it begrudgingly as a child, but never miss making it for my family.

Then we'll be watching the Rose Bowl at a friend's house later. If you end up watching the game and don't know which team to cheer for, choose Illinois!

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - Harborwitch - 01-01-2008

Tonight is full on Moroccan. The menu isn't cast in stone yet, but couscous, a sweet potato dish, lamb with all kinds of goodies, a fava bean dip, and . . . oh something with chicken.

Happy New year!

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - pink_eagle - 01-01-2008

I am doing a pork roast with apricot stuffing, creamed spinach, a side of blackeyed peas, cornbread, etc. Just a southern gal at heart.

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - pjcooks - 01-01-2008

All sounds good, I had a couple of ideas but am too tired from last night

Which of you is closer, I might pop in for dinner


Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - esgunn - 01-01-2008

No big plans for dinner - maybe a big bowl of Taco soup and some quesadillas. (Is that how you spell that?)

But I did make the Swiss Eibrot from the Holidays Menu book for breakfast. It was tasty a little on the sweet side - but good. The kids loved it.

A friend is coming over today and we are making some extra Apricot Almond biscotti. YUM!

Re: What's Cookin' Today?? - Trixxee - 01-01-2008

I *think* my husband is making chili later on. I see two bottles of dark beer and Marie Callander's corn bread mix sitting out.