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Welcome familygal! - Mare749 - 01-03-2008

I noticed on another thread that we had a new friend join us, so let me be the first to welcome familygal! You will meet lots of nice people here so just jump right in and join in the fun. I have learned so much from everyone here and we all share great recipes and ideas.

Hope you will also participate in our on-line dinners. It's a lot of fun and the more the merrier.

Denise, where are you with those shooters??? We have more new members here!


Re: Welcome familygal! - cjs - 01-03-2008

she's falling down on the job, that's for sure...

Welcome familygal!!

Re: Welcome familygal! - pink_eagle - 01-03-2008

Welcome familygal--I'm new here also--really impressed with the forum and hope the Cuisine at home magazines measure up to the Holiday Menus publication I purchased. Everyone says the Pork Wellington recipe is worth the price of admission for that book.

Re: Welcome familygal! - labradors - 01-03-2008


Re: Welcome familygal! - Lorraine - 01-03-2008

Welcome familygal and Madeline!!!

Re: Welcome familygal! - bjcotton - 01-03-2008

Welcome familygal! We have fun here and cook good stuff

Re: Welcome familygal! - Corinne - 01-03-2008

Shooters, for a welcoming??? Is my name Dr Mudd?

Re: Welcome familygal! - Mare749 - 01-03-2008

Sorry Cory, we kind of forgot about those shooters for a while. We need to bring out a nice variety and toast all our newest members.

Oh Denise!!!!Where are you with those shooters???

Re: Welcome familygal! - luvnit - 01-03-2008

Welcome FamilyGal! Nice to have you on the forum!