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Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - luvnit - 01-06-2008

Gyros are easy! Most, if not all, can be done ahead of time.

1. Marinade meat - Tradtional is lamb, but for a crowd I would do pork or chicken. If you look up gyros on wikipedia they even use pork or chicken in Greece too.

2. Make your tzatziki sauce. This is better if it sits for a few days anyway.

3. Cut up your tomatoes and onions and place in tupperware containers. Cut your lettuce up that day or buy a bag of pre-cut lettuce. Easy!

4. Buy some pita bread. The fresher the better.

Personally I slice the meat and cook it up a day or two ahead. Put it in the crock pot to reheat and keep warm for your party.

Set everything out in separate bowls like buffet style.

Oops gotta go, mydaugther wants to play a game. I will finish this later.

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - SDRecipeGirl - 01-06-2008


Oh no my friend....there is NO way this recipe could beat your Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! MMMMMMM! OH MY! I have been made to SWEAR not to make these again until at least Valentine's Day!

There you go talkin' about that Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe again... you're going to make me go off my low-carb kick and make some more!! Just wait 'till you try the brownies!

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - gharborwa - 01-07-2008

Thanks all for your input. I've never made Gyros....that is a really good idea. What is your secret ingredient chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - SDRecipeGirl - 01-07-2008

Here's the recipe for the cookies:

Secret Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made a double batch of these on a family vacation. While the adults went out for the evening, the teenagers ate ALL of the cookies. I was flaming mad!!

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - HomeCulinarian - 01-07-2008

A thought occurred to me in the shower this morning for your party... I do some of my best thinking there!

Have you already done stadium food before? To make it fun, you could get the paper baskets and all... Such as brats, hot dogs (Chicago-style, the only way to go!), burgers, french fries in paper cups, nacho cheese on tortillas, soft pretzels, popcorn, individual icecream treats...

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - cjs - 01-07-2008

...and then for dessert cut pound cake into 'fries,' toast them and serve in the same baskets with a raspberry coulis for 'ketchup' - that's fun!

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - gharborwa - 01-07-2008

I wish I were as creative as some of you! The pound cake fries sound really fun. I'm sticking with my usual cookies, though. I can do them in advance and freeze and get it out of the way. Cooking for up to 40 makes me crazy and I want to do as much in advance as I can.

Can anyone tell me what bread to use for the gyros? I know everyone mentions pita, but I'm sure there is another bread, like the one shown in Laura's picture that is not split opened and filled. Is it just a pita not spilt open?

Thanks for all the recipes, I'm looking them all over!

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - luvnit - 01-07-2008

I believe it is called Greek Flatbread. Sometimes in the store they still call it 'pita' or 'authentic pita' or 'naan pita' and do not pocket. Usually they say 'pita pocket' if they have the pocket in them. Just check your grocery store. THe brand our store carries is Sinbad. I bet your store will have similar varieties.

You can also try Sam's Club if you are a member. Sometimes our carries them and they are very inexpensive.

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - labradors - 01-07-2008

Pita bread isn't always used for the pocket. Very often, as with gyros, it's used just to fold.

When I used to be able to get all the right ingredients, I used to like to make my own departure from a Philly Cheesesteak: I'd cook the steak and provolone, as usual, but would add a good amount of Tabasco, and put it all inside a pita pocket.

Re: Need Ideas for Super Bowl Menu - cjs - 01-07-2008

Central market would probably have naan bread - could use that also.