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Gourmet Website - cjs - 01-16-2008

Hey, Gourmet magazine is finally coming into the 21st century - that magazine has such a stodgy feeling to me - hopefully this will young them up a little.

They will even have recipes back to 1941 - even before I was collecting their recipes.

Re: Gourmet Website - Harborwitch - 01-16-2008

Gads, that was before my Mom started collecting cooking magazines, might even be before she started cooking. Will have to check it out!

Re: Gourmet Website - firechef - 01-17-2008

Notice that they have a "forum" of their own as well???

Re: Gourmet Website - Lorraine - 01-17-2008

Thanks for the heads up, Jean. I noticed that, LJ.

Re: Gourmet Website - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

How did I miss this post? Thank you anon!