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Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Old Bay - 01-27-2008

We are building a gazebo in our back yard and I've convinced Jane to let me put in a pizza oven! It is small--will do 3 10" pizzas or six small loaves of bread at the same time--using it appears fairly simple, but I want to draw on the pros in this group for hints, advice, "be sure not to's", and recipes.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - luvnit - 01-27-2008

Ooooh that sounds exciting. I am trying to convince hubby to have one in our kitchen when we do the remodel. Just a small one. What kind are you looking at? Or do you have one already?

That is exciting news. It's too cold here to put anything outdoors, we'd never get to use it.

It'll probably just end up a fantasy to me, but it's nice to dream.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - labradors - 01-27-2008

How is it fuelled? At Wolfgang's, we had a wood-fired, beehive-shaped, stone pizza over that we kept between 650F and 675F.

Since the wood was right IN the oven - not in a separate firebox, the part of the oven right next to the wood was, naturally, the hottest, so it was important to rotate the pizzas by moving the least-recently added ones closer to the front of the oven then putting new pizzas closer to the flames.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Old Bay - 01-27-2008

Take a look at their website-I'm getting the smallest home oven Their number is 800 516 5716
It burns logs (hardwood).

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - labradors - 01-27-2008


It burns logs (hardwood).

LOL! I see your subject line, now - had only read the message before.

Looks nice! With that small size, it's hard to imagine that the wood would be right in with the pizzas as it was with our oven. Even so, since it is smaller, it will probably take less time to get it to the temperature you want. When we would close up for the night, we would just seal the ovens doors and let whatever wood that was in there burn itself out. When the people who opened up got there in the morning, the oven temperature would be down to about 300F, and it would take a while to get it back to 650F.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Old Bay - 01-27-2008

The wood goes in the belly in the back--you cook right on the oven floor in front--takes one hour to heat the cooking area to 700.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Old Bay - 01-27-2008

I would think it would keep a small area warm as well as cook the pizza.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - cjs - 01-27-2008

Oh how fun, Bill - this is on our list to build either this summer or next. Our neighbor built one this past summer and we've been over a few times and 'played' with it.

Two things Kevin said he would differently are - the height of the oven opening. Even tho he is very tall, he wished he'd made it a little lower.

And the placement - he built it where it looked best in the patio area instead of handiest to the kitchen and he wishes it was closer.

I'll ask him if he's found any other things...

it just makes the most wonderful pizzas in the world. After the pizza party, a few of us stayed and we made some loaves of bread when it had cooled down enough. Roy & I both just fell in love with it.

Now, I can learn from your experience also!!! (keep a diary)

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - vannin - 01-27-2008

We have 1000s of beautiful old bricks that we took out of a 3 storey chimney at one of our old houses. They are currently a very good home to far too many wetas, but our plans are for an outdoor dining room.

This dear little thing has my imagination fired.

Re: Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Old Bay - 01-28-2008

Vannin, it's infectious--my builder is getting one!! I don't know the shipping to New Zealand--my charges from California to Texas are $800--call and ask--might be a surprise!! I'm not Hindu, so I believe you only live once. By the way , I love Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc--the Pinot Noir gets better every year.