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LJ's Kambree - pjcooks - 01-27-2008

This is the week Kambree goes in for surgery, am I right, LJ? My thoughts and prayers and best wishes headed straight across the country to you and Holly and your baby girl. Hope all goes well, and know we're all thinking of you. Keep us updated when you can!


Re: LJ's Kambree - vannin - 01-27-2008

Very best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery for Kambree LJ.

Re: LJ's Kambree - Lorraine - 01-27-2008

You know I'm thinking of you and the girls, LJ. I have a good feeling about it.

Re: LJ's Kambree - Corinne - 01-27-2008

I'm sure everything will go perfectly. I pray your little one is not in too much pain and feels back to normal soon.

Re: LJ's Kambree - Gourmet_Mom - 01-27-2008

In case LJ doesn't get here I'll try to fill in what I know...I hope I've got the days right. They are to travel to Des Moines tomorrow for pre-op and then surgery to repair her lip Tuesday. The surgery is very early in the day so they will stay overnight. He will have internet access and should be giving updates along the way. I'm not sure about whether they are doing the tubes in her ears at the same time as the surgery or the next day. I hope this is correct, if not I'm sure LJ will be along to correct me. If we don't hear tonight, we should hear tomorrow after their pre-op visit.

LJ, you know you are all in our prayers as always. Travel safe. I'm sure Kambree will get through this like a champ! Give Holly a hug and Kambree a smooch from Gammy D!

Re: LJ's Kambree - Old Bay - 01-27-2008

Hey, I've got a bunch of good Catholic friends and a group of women in federal prison that call themselves "The Big Guns" (Jane's cousin is their counselor), they helped her,we'll call on them again. Also my Methodist people will pray too--Be Well, Bill & Jane

Re: LJ's Kambree - Harborwitch - 01-27-2008

Our prayers are going out too. We'll be thinking about Kambree, LJ, and Holly! Looking forward to updates along the way, as you can LJ.

Re: LJ's Kambree - Gourmet_Mom - 01-27-2008

Bill, I got all choked up reading your response. It' nice to see people that truly believe in the power of prayer. You guys just went through a lot and are willing to share with another. You all are great to help out like this. I know LJ and Holly will be soooo touched.

Re: LJ's Kambree - HomeCulinarian - 01-28-2008

Methodist-style prayers are on the way for Kambree, LJ & mom as well as the medical staff for a successful procedure.

Re: LJ's Kambree - mjkcooking - 01-28-2008

Your all in my prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.