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My House Stinks!!! - Lorraine - 01-27-2008

He simmered his Pickled Beef Tongue for a few hours, while I made a Moroccan / Curry /Chicken Vegetable Stew ( I'm stil trying to perfect it). For supper I decided to make a small Prime Rib roast, so it's in the oven with lots of garlic. And, I steamed off the cauliflower and made a cheese sauce. Oh, gack, the house stinks. But, everything individually tastes good so far.

Re: My House Stinks!!! - Corinne - 01-27-2008

That sounds like a whole lot of dinner! Are you having a party?

Somehow I believe your house really smells wonderful. Oh, but there would be a lot of vinegar with the tongue?

Re: My House Stinks!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-27-2008

Lorraine, you can keep the tongue, but everything else sounds delicious. But I agree with Cory, isn't that an awful lot for dinner?

Re: My House Stinks!!! - cjs - 01-28-2008

"Moroccan / Curry /Chicken Vegetable Stew ( I'm stil trying to perfect it)." - and then I'm sure, share with us...

Re: My House Stinks!!! - Lorraine - 01-28-2008

I was a lot of food, but only the beef and cauliflour were for supper. the tongue (after we peeled it, now that was a bit strange) he'll cut some tonight and put it in vinegar. Jean, this is my 4th attempt at the stew. I've been trying to perfect the spices, and what veggies work best. I added coconut milk to it yesterday, and it was by the best. I bring most of it to work for some of the staff to taste test. The recipe is close, very close.

Re: My House Stinks!!! - Roxanne 21 - 01-28-2008

Stinky smells are awesome, Lorraine----IMHO!!!

Re: My House Stinks!!! - cjs - 01-28-2008

I've cooked tongue, but have never tried it - it's the only thing I can think of that I'm hesitant to try - just can't get past feeling my tongue. geez.

Re: My House Stinks!!! - pjcooks - 01-28-2008

I can't get past slicing tongue, I keep thinking of my own, and it gives me the nails-on-the-chalkboard shivers


Re: My House Stinks!!! - Corinne - 01-28-2008

I have eaten the tip of tongue but when it cuts into the part with whatever that stuff is that looks ligamenty, vessely (pardon all the misspellings), I can't eat it...even with lots of mustard sauce.

edit - I don't want it again.

Re: My House Stinks!!! - vannin - 01-28-2008

Unfortunately when we had the rest homes, they Loved tongue, tripe, liver, kidneys, brains etc. Our cook, Helen, cooked all without turning a hair, and the staff ate all the left overs we made sure we had. I can't even think of eating them.