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Frozen Parmesan Rinds - esgunn - 02-08-2008

Ok, I started collecting my parmesan rinds and freezing them because I know a couple of you had mentioned doing that. What I don't remember is what you use them for? Any help?

Re: Frozen Parmesan Rinds - pjcooks - 02-08-2008

I throw mine into sauce or soup, Erin. Just remember to remove them before they become a sticky mess.


Re: Frozen Parmesan Rinds - cjs - 02-08-2008

What PJ said and you know what a couple of pcs. would be good in? Roberto's oven dinner - Billy posted the recipe (which is in the Share a Recipe book ) for it a few days ago, did you see it? If not, I can pull it up for you.

Re: Frozen Parmesan Rinds - esgunn - 02-08-2008

Thanks PJ and Jean!

Jean, I think I fingered that recipe. Looks so good, I love roasted vegies and sausages. I usually do a quick version, but I bet that just makes the whole house smell so good.