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Too much winter - pjcooks - 02-08-2008

Waaaay off topic, but I'm so tired of this winter. We always get our fair of share of snow, and about 2 months of really cold temps, but not this year. We've had sooo much snow, and only a week or two of really cold, it's been so warm it snows constantly. If it isn't snowing, it's freezing rain, or sleeting. Every morning I drive to work in one, drive home in another. My 20 min commute has turned into 45 min to an hour. I feel like I've worked a full day by the time I get there. Every morning this week has been a storm to deal with. Tuesday morning, 2 co-workers totaled their cars coming to work. 3 employee cars were hit and damaged by delivery trucks, 2 company vehicles were in accidents. Yikes.

Anyone else having an unusual winter? I want to water my tomatoes and pick my basil.

[Image: DSCN0502-1.jpg]

Thanks for letting me rant


Re: Too much winter - vannin - 02-08-2008

Lovely looking dish PJ. It is true, we do get tired of the endless, it seems, winter. Not that we have anything even approaching your weather, just cold, windy and rainy.

Re: Too much winter - Gourmet_Mom - 02-08-2008

I won't torture you about how mild our winter has been...especially since our worst weather...for us usually...doesn't come until March. It's usually cold and rainy and down right miserable. It makes it worse when we've had a mild winter. You get so used to the warm temps and look forward to Spring only to get slammed in March.

Re: Too much winter - esgunn - 02-08-2008

I am so very tired of it already! They were saying this year that we have had 5 days of sunshine - 4 of those were in one stretch - a very cold stretch 20's. Cold for us. Now we are hovering around 40 and rainy. We don't get much snow, but we do get the rain and we have months left of that!

Re: Too much winter - Gourmet_Mom - 02-08-2008

That sounds like our March here. That's after off and on days of 40's to upper 50's with some in the upper 60's to 70's. After that, the thought of 20's to 40's and no sunshine with periods of rain for a month really stinks!

Re: Too much winter - firechef - 02-09-2008

I am feeling your pain PJ. We have had less than 10 hours of sunshine so far this month. We are expecting an inch or so of snow tonight, again Saturday and yet again Saturday night with temperatures falling through the single digits and well below zero by Sunday morning with wind chills approaching negative 40F again. Chance of snow, sleet and freezing rain again Monday night through Tuesday as well.

So much for Global Warming...I'd love to run into Al just once during one of these cold snaps and slap him silly!

Best wishes to all in the deep freeze, winds, rain (Daphne you NEED the rain!)and tides of winter...going to serve groundhog before the weekend is done if the weather does not start improving...

Re: Too much winter - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008


going to serve groundhog before the weekend is done if the weather does not start improving...

Has anybody ever actually eaten one? I think the rascal lives under the impression that he's an icon and beyond destruction. Makes me think of the movie "Groundhog Day". Remember the scene where he steals the goundhog and drive off the cliff? I loved that movie...LOL!

Re: Too much winter - firechef - 02-09-2008

I watch that movie every time it is on..."Don't drive angry!"

Love that movie and the story is actually very nice too. I am sure someone will be around talking about durain roasted groundhog...well maybe not.

Re: Too much winter - esgunn - 02-09-2008

My Hubby and I repeatedly chant "well, so much for global warming!" We have had our coldest (Nothing compared to many of you - but we all choose where we live..." in the last 5 years. It just amazes me the changes in the weather. I also know this is a natural pattern in the world - every so many 10's, 100's, 1000's of years you have these patterns, even when man wasn't around to influence it. Sorry, off my soapbox now...going to bed.

Re: Too much winter - vannin - 02-09-2008

Exactly my view point Erin. It is a repeated chant for us too. It is raining today, just light, but raining, and it rained in the night too. I do hope the farmers get it, they are desperate for feed.