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Jean's Coleslaw - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

Jean posted this recipe in the Superbowl thread. I posted one also, but was not real excited about it...the basil didn't do a thing for it. So today I'm trying Jean's for the fish fry. My question is, does this look like enough for a large head of cabbage and a couple carrots and a bunch of green onions? I'm thinking I need to double it.


6 Tbsps mayonnaise
2 Tbsps mustard - French's
2 Tbsps sugar
2 Tbsps honey
2 Tbsps vinegar -- cider
4 Tbsps evaporated milk
3/4 tsp horseradish
1 tsp poppy seed

Mix all together and add to:
cabbage, shredded
crushed pineapple
gr. onions
whatever you like to put in your slaw.

Sunset Mag. - 70s


Re: Jean's Coleslaw - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

Also, curious...Which food processor blade do you use for coleslaw...slicer or shredder for the cabbage?

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - firechef - 02-09-2008

Uh...depending on how wet your vegetables are you'll be surprised how far your wet ingredients will go. I normally hand chop stuff for cole slaw. I get it the way I want it and don't have to mess with the beast of a Kitchen Aid food processor I have had sitting on the refrigerator for two years now nest to the KA mixer that is collecting dust as well...lazy I know but I just grab the big knife and chop away.

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

Thanks, LJ! I'm gonna try one recipe and check...I can always make more and add. I just tried the shredder for it and that isn't what I want. I'm in a hurry, so I'm gonna go with the slicer for the cabbage.

Gotta go! They're gonna start frying in a little while and I want this to marinade in the fridge for a bit before I take it out. I also have a few more things to do around the house before I go out there.

I'm afraid "The Wee Boys" (William's hunting club) are in for a surprise. I don't usually experiment outside the family...LOL! They have me on a pedestal when it comes to cooking, but they may just change their minds today when they find out they're guinea pigs for a new recipe!

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - firechef - 02-09-2008

Good luck! Knock 'em dead...especially if they don't like it...really KNOCK 'EM then!

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - cjs - 02-09-2008

I guess I'm too late with an answer, but double or triple the dressing - here's the amount I used to make for the family -

OOOOPS, I'M NOT AT HOME!! Just a quick check in - but, I used to make this (especially in the summer) about 6 or 8 times and keep in the frig. It keeps so well.

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

It worked out Jean! The head of cabbage was not nearly as large a head as I thought. I had put the big one back....thinking it was going to be just us. I had just enough...hubby didn't trust me that I was going to make it and had gotten some store bought. The guys did try the slaw and loved it! This will be a new standby for our house...unless you get home and post a better one Jean!

The fish were outstanding! There was flounder and trigger fish...the trigger fish is our favorite! It was sooo moist and good! I feel really guilty eating all that fried fish, but the coleslaw was healthy...right!?!?!?

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - Gourmet_Mom - 02-09-2008

BTW,'s the cook-over going? You are going to post pics and details of what you ate and cooked...right?

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - esgunn - 02-10-2008

Daphne, I am so glad the whole evening worked out. I would have said, Make one recipe, but be prepared to wing it from there. Sounds like it was a great success!

Re: Jean's Coleslaw - cjs - 02-10-2008

glad it worked out, Daphne. We sure like this one also.

I didn't get to cook much, darn old man kept the good 'stuff' for himself! he did let me make a salad dressing tho....