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Cheesecake - Gourmet_Mom - 02-10-2008

I saw a post recently somewhere about using sour cream or not in cheesecake and what's the difference. I thought I'd test it out yesterday. Unfortunately, I chose to use light cream cheese and sour cream and now I don't know if the difference was the lighter version vs. using a recipe with sour cream.

It wasn't bad...just a little softer than I like. Although, the guy I made it for didn't complain! It was gone this morning! I can only account for 3 pieces eaten by others in the house...LOL! The guy really does LOVE his cheesecake.

Anyway, does anyone know if the difference was the light version or the sour cream?

Re: Cheesecake - bjcotton - 02-10-2008

I read somewhere, Daphne, that you weren't supposed to use the "light" cream cheese in cheesecakes, so I never have. I have used sour cream in cheesecakes before though.

Re: Cheesecake - Gourmet_Mom - 02-10-2008

Thanks Billy. I think I've used light in my regular recipe with fine results, but it's been a while. Maybe it was a little softer than usual and then the use of the light sour cream too just made it that much softer. Like I said, it wasn't runny soft, just not a "set" as I'm used to. Jody said it had gotten more set on his third and fourth piece last night at bedtime....LOL! He also said a minute ago fifth, sixth and seventh pieces were even more firm this morning!

Re: Cheesecake - bjcotton - 02-10-2008

I love making cheesecakes. I'm the only one that likes them here and eat a piece that's about 1/2" wide at the outter end and am satisfied. I then have to find someone else to give the rest to, now that's not too hard to do!

Re: Cheesecake - firechef - 02-10-2008

Daphne, I have about 90 different cheesecake recipes. I even have a square spring form pan to blow the minds of the locals that think cheesecakes have to be round. I don't have any round spring forms anymore as they broke while being cleaned at the "old" job since I had to use my own pans a lot in that place...

Let me know what you want to make...I have some of our friend Dan's old ones and a ton of others. A common "friend" Ruth that I am sure Billy and Jean and a few others know/remember gave me a great one for "Derby Day"...I even have a crazy Chef from Scotland's recipe for his shortbread crust saved away for fun too.

Re: Cheesecake - Gourmet_Mom - 02-11-2008

mmmm...Well I'll have to mull that one over LJ! Sounds exciting! Hubby's employee just likes a basic cheesecake, so I guess your very best "plain" cheesecake to start.

After that, I'll let you know...Dan and Ruth and Tom? The mind just spins around to think! I still haven't tried Dan's Wake...Up Cheesecake yet. Have you? I keep meaning sounds so decadent! I can't imagine what Ruth has up her sleeve....MMMMMM!