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All-Clad vs. Calphalon - Gallardo_Gal - 02-26-2008

Anyone have any opinions about which saute pan performs better for searing and browning? I have a Calphalon, but was wondering how the All-Clad one is.

Re: All-Clad vs. Calphalon - cjs - 02-26-2008

I've never had Calphalon, but I do have All-Clad and I love it to pieces. For sauteing, imo, it can't be beat. And with a couple minutes of soaking, it just wipes cleans. I'm assuming you're talking non-nonstick. If not, can't help you.

By the way, welcome to the forum!! Good to see another new face.

Re: All-Clad vs. Calphalon - esgunn - 02-26-2008

I have Calphlon and love my pans - I use my saute pan for all my browning and it works great, cleans up easy. I have never used all-clad.

I think you will find that a good quality pan will do what you need it to do, and many people will have preferences and opinions on which are best. You might consider other things like you cooking surface -gas, glass top, regular coil burners and if you like to transfer things in the same pan from stove top to oven - need oven proof lids and handles. Weight is also another consideration.

Re: All-Clad vs. Calphalon - Old Bay - 02-26-2008

We have been collecting all-clad for 18 years and I give it rave reviews--I like the regular when I want fond.