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Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Lorraine - 03-03-2008

This was in The Inn's newsletter. Good news is, I'll be there that weekend! I've never heard of most of these fish, so am hoping to try some.

The Lafayette Inn has contracted with the Honolulu Fish Co. to provide sustainable, Pacific Ocean, line caught, Day-boat, fish for the weekend of March 20th through March 23rd.

The boats will go out on the 18th to catch the fish which will be air shipped to The Lafayette on March 20th. We will not know exactly which fish we will be receiving until the boats return to the docks. However, the selection is expected to include four of the following: Coral Perch; Hawaiian Butterfish; Mahi Mahi; Wahoo; Ahi; Shortbill Marlin; Kona Kampachi; Yellowtail; Blue Marlin; or, Swordfish.

We are very excited to be able to present these fish, but supplies are limited. Make your reservation early!

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - pjcooks - 03-03-2008

Sounds like a lot of fun, Lorraine! Enjoy, wish I could be there.


Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-03-2008

OMG! What a great experience! I am familiar with a few and they're great, but would LOVE to have the opportunity to try the rest! Let us know what you wind up with.

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Trixxee - 03-03-2008

Oh wow -I love fresh fish! I was able to get some really fresh swordfish on Friday and made a cilantro compound butter type thing for the top.

Now, I've heard controversial things about the butterfish. Supposedly you are not supposed to eat more than 6 oz or you may have some intestinal issues.

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Corinne - 03-03-2008

I have to admit that after complaining about being tired of meat/fish etc, this sounds really good and so very fresh that I know I'd enjoy eating them. I think I'm smelling Honolulu ocean water (although I've never been there).

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Mare749 - 03-03-2008

Oh, Lorraine, this just sounds so good. Wish I could make the trip down there for this amazing feast. You are going to have the best time. Just be sure to take the time to sample some of the wonderful dishes. If you have a chance, take some pics for us.

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - firechef - 03-03-2008

That sounds so good. I am happy for you that you get to partake in such a great dinning experience. I know the eastern seaboard is known for great seafood from the northern tip of Maine all the way through the DelMarVa to the Tidewaters and along the Carolinas and around Florida but PACIFIC fishing...some are the same you'd get on the east coast but I am sure they taste different coming from the warmer "calmer" waters of the Hawaiian Islands.

I know Pacific Swordfish Steaks taste different than Atlantic Swordfish Steaks...

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Lorraine - 03-04-2008

While I love fish, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cooking a variety I've never had. so, I'm really looking forward to watching someone else make it. And, I'm really anxious to see what sauces, salsa, sides etc he pairs them with. And what wines, of course. If you all came down, we could have a fish cooking fest!!!

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - cjs - 03-04-2008

Take note of how 'he' does Mahi Mahi, please. Just love it!
That all sure sounds like a fun few days of feasting...wish I was there also.

Re: Smells Fishy to Me!!!! - Lorraine - 03-04-2008

Will do, Jean. I bought new batteries for the camera.