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OT - 6 years ago, today... - esgunn - 03-04-2008

Ok, please just stick with me - or ignore me. I will keep this brief.

6 years ago today (March 4th), I gave birth to three beautiful babies. They were born 9 weeks early and weighed in at 4 lbs, 4.2, and 4.5, and were all around 17". They spent 1 week in the NICU and 4 more weeks in the hospital before coming home. It was a crazy time for us, but we are so blessed.

PJ - just wanted you to notice that my signature has changed and they are now 6!!!

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - pjcooks - 03-04-2008

Congratulations, Erin! and happy birthday to the kids! Time does fly, doesn't it? I didn't realize they were so small at birth, and that they spent so much time in the hospital. You are, indeed, blessed, you must look at those beautiful little faces every day and realize how lucky you are.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - iBcookin - 03-04-2008

Congratulations!! You have had your hands full. Now come the school years!!

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - Lorraine - 03-04-2008

Congratulations, Erin. You're one busy person! Sooo, do you make 1 cake or 3?

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - HomeCulinarian - 03-04-2008

Happy Birthday to the triplets! Let us know how you celebrate their big day!

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - Corinne - 03-04-2008

That must have been a wonderful day! I was overwhelmed with one baby. You must be a very special person.

Happy birthday to the darlings.

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - cjs - 03-04-2008

Will you continue home schooling? Congratulations to the big 6 year olds!!!

My four are all 18 months apart and Roy's 4 are shuffled in between my four (age-wise), but geez, I still can't imagine 3 the same age at the same time!!! I bow to you!

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - Mare749 - 03-04-2008

They really are beautiful children, Erin! You have been so blessed. And I agree, you must be a very special mom to be given 3 babies at one time. What advice do you have for new moms?

Happy Birthday triplets! (Sorry, forgot their names) Hope you all have a wonderful day today.

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - firechef - 03-04-2008

Happy Birthday kids! I am sure you look back and are amazed at how much they have grown and changed and how worrisome things were when they were born...

We can kind of relate...only one little one but six weeks in a NICU is an education in child care you never forget...8 months today for us.

Once again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to three miracle babies! (Thats what they call the NICU babies at Mercy in Des Moines where we were)

Re: OT - 6 years ago, today... - mlucas1 - 03-04-2008

Happy birthday, kiddos!! My daughter went to a bday party for triplets on Saturday. They're going to be 6 on 3/7!

They're opposite of your 3, two girls and a boy!