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Who's Online - L@@K it's CJS!!! - luvnit - 03-07-2008

I know I saw CJS at the Who's Online. She poked her nose in here but didn't even post a hello!

We miss you Jean! Hope you are having a great time.

Re: Who's Online - L@@K it's CJS!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-07-2008

She posted in the "quiet" thread! LOL! She's already at Tracies. I think she may be back soon, so we need to pick things up around here...LOL! And where is Billy?!?!?!

Re: Who's Online - L@@K it's CJS!!! - luvnit - 03-07-2008

He has been too quiet too! Billy, where are you sweety?

Re: Who's Online - L@@K it's CJS!!! - cjs - 03-07-2008

Hi, yes, I came on for a 'quickie' look to see what everyone was up to. And, I just came back because Trace told me about Laura's post and I just had to see it, now I'm still wiping away tears. I'm so proud to know Laura!!

The reason we're here with goodies for Tracie, is we have friends who have two homes - he's retired and lives up in the cabin and she's a realtor and lives most of the week in Vancouver. Now they have bot a condo in Port Angeles (about 6 blocks from us) and have to combine the two homes. SO, they offered Tracie all these goodies that she had in Vancouver. We filled the pickup up and headed on down here and Tracie feels like she just had a Christmas morning. All the neat things Joyce sent to her - it's just wonderful.

Anyway, that's why we're here, plus Tracie's B'day is Monday which is a bonus!!

She's had a brisket cooking all day in the crockpot and this home just smells wonderful!! I'll be back on tomorrow a.m. and see what everyone's up to. Miss you all!