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Can You Smell It????? - cjs - 03-11-2008

[Image: rollmixbread.jpg]

Just out of the oven and oh my, it's so good.'s not one of the versions of the 18 hour bread as I just told Lorraine... Too many things going on - I had a dinner roll mix made up for far too long and decided rather than rolls, I try it as a loaf. Man, it's good!

But, the 18 hour - Almost No Knead Sandwich Loaf is on the counter working its little heart out for tomorrow.

Re: Can You Smell It????? - Corinne - 03-11-2008

mmmmmmmmmm, that would set nicely with the turkey I roasted - especially for sandwiches tomorrow!

Re: Can You Smell It????? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-11-2008

Jean is that the Cuisine at Home recipe I've got on my "to do" list? Boy that looks good! I really think I can smell it!

Re: Can You Smell It????? - Old Bay - 03-11-2008

Jean we start construction of our gazebo w/wood burning pizza oven tomorrow!--would you speculate on a conversion recipe--or should I just let the temp come down to the recipe directions? I think yes. (what is that wonderful smell wafing thru my computer?)

Re: Can You Smell It????? - Lorraine - 03-11-2008

"that would set nicely with the turkey I roasted "

It would set even more nicely on my hips!!! I'm trying tocut down, and you folks are killing me!! Jean, it looks incredible, and yes, I think I can smell it!!

Re: Can You Smell It????? - cjs - 03-11-2008

I think yes also, Bill - I'll have to get ahold of our neighbor, Kevin, who has one of those wonderful toys and see what he's learned since the last time we were there...maybe get another invite

Daphne, I don't know where I got this, but it's supposed to be for dinner rolls and the mix was getting old. Can anyone tell me why we have no trouble eating 'bread' but have trouble eating dinner rolls - always end up with too many in the freezer. Anyway, here's the recipe, it does make nice rolls, but now it's nice sliceable bread also - not as nutritionally good as the 18 hour tho.

Hot Roll Mix

20 cups flour (20 cups = 6 1/4 lbs. I used 5 lbs. a.p. & 1 1/4 lbs. whole wheat)
4 tsp. salt
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 cup dry milk

Combine ingredients in a large container (air-tight). Stir to make sure things are evenly distributed. Use within 6-8 months.

Pan Rolls -
1 T. yeast
1 1/2 cups warm water
2 beaten eggs
1/2 cup oil
5-6 cups (25-30 oz.) Hot Roll Mix

dissolve yeast in water, add eggs and oil. Add dry ingrd.
Add additional mix to make sure dough is not too sticky.
Knead for 5 min., and turn into a greased bowl. Let rise til double (1 hour).
Punch down dough and divide dough into 24 balls of equal size.
Place balls in greased 13X9" pan, cover and let rise, about 30-40 min. Bake at 374 for 20-25 min

I've made sandwich rolls out of this making each roll 4.5 oz. makes a nice sandwich roll.

I've also been adding - all dried - oregano, basil, garlic & onion powders to the dough. But, so far nothing else.

It's sure a tasty bread!

Re: Can You Smell It????? - Harborwitch - 03-11-2008

I was absolutely positive that I could smell that bread baking - but Bob is roasting coffee beans. My two favorite smells - baking bread and roasting coffee.

That's a beautiful loaf too!!!

Re: Can You Smell It????? - DFen911 - 03-11-2008

I hate you all.

**goes to the kitchen and starts another batch of the 18 hour bread. Is going to add some fine chopped rosemary to this batch**

Fine take that! **throws the bread gauntlet down**

Re: Can You Smell It????? - cjs - 03-12-2008

Go for it, Denise!

One more picture, if the bread turns out, of the 18 hour Sandwich bread and then no more bread for a while (at least pictures... )

Re: Can You Smell It????? - luvnit - 03-12-2008

This looks really good Jean! I am going to have to make this one more time before I lose my stove.