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Laura dear..... - bjcotton - 03-13-2008

Where is your cookbook suggestion we talked about the other day? I've looked all over and can't find it I thought it was a magnificient idea!

Re: Laura dear..... - luvnit - 03-13-2008

Thanks for bringing it up Billy. I have been mulling it over and thinking about how to present it to others and how it could be arranged.

Well, it looks like others are reading this thread already and will be curious, so I will let the cat out of the bag.

Here is my idea:

All of us have lots of cookbooks, lots of them are near and dear to our hearts. But we all have a cookbook or two we never use or wouldn't mind parting with.

I thought it would be nice if we could have a cookbook exchange amongst all of us. Just recycle cookbooks we think another may be able to use.

I just don't know how it would work. I am sure we would want to keep our names and addresses off the forum for the infobots. But I think we could work this out.

Does anyone else think this could be fun? or have an idea that may finetune mine?

Re: Laura dear..... - cjs - 03-13-2008

Oh shoot, I had so many duplicates and I sent them to a culinary instructor (what was his name, Billy???) after the New Orleans debacle. (never did get a thank you, go to h*ll, or anything from that guy!)

I think it's a great idea, and I will have a duplication in no time, 'cause I didn't want to wait for the back order of the book club book, so bot it at another site...I guess you could say I'm impatient. I'll send that one to someone.

I may have some other treasures......good idea, Laura.

Re: Laura dear..... - Lorraine - 03-13-2008

: I sent them to a culinary instructor (what was his name, Billy???) after the New Orleans debacle. (never did get a thank you, go to h*ll, or anything from that guy!)

I forgot about that one, Jean! I'm in, if we can figure out a cheap way to do it. Postage is getting outrageous here.

Re: Laura dear..... - HomeCulinarian - 03-13-2008

Good idea, Laura. I've donated a couple of my such cookbooks to my Church's Annual Fair... They sell for $1 and the money goes to our mission commitments.

If you have some to give away, they could be posted on a "Cookbook Exchange Thread". We are able to PM eachother to provide a mailing address.

Cost of shipping media/book rates is inexpensive, but it's not free. So if people want reimbursed for shipping they should indicate that in their post and then individuals can work out the money exchange offline.

Re: Laura dear..... - luvnit - 03-13-2008

I guess I was just thinking "you send one, you get one" kind of an even-even deal on shipping.

Everyone can sign up on a different thread, take addresses privately. Personally, I would not even care what cookbook I got, I am sure I would find something of interest. Yes, Media Mail would be the cheapest shipping, average $5.00 or so for a book.

Anymore thoughts?

Re: Laura dear..... - bjcotton - 03-13-2008

I have/had some books that I have gotten about all the recipes from them I wanted [Laura, I sent you that Jerk one, I'd had it for years] and I've got 5 copies of the NY Times Cookbook, 4 different loctions of "....Junior League" cookbooks, etc. Some I've read cover-to-cover, others just browsed through, some others have given to me. I like "OLD" cookbooks, Laura sent me one.

Jean, I sent two boxes of cookbooks to that guy and like you never got a reply.

I don't know how we could work it, but kind of like Laura says, give one get one.

Re: Laura dear..... - farnfam - 03-13-2008

Oh Laura, this sounds fun. What a good way to get personally in touch. You learn alot about a person by what kind of cookbook they might choose. I'd love to be part of this, I already have at least one cookbook in mind.
Empress for Life

Re: Laura dear..... - bjcotton - 03-13-2008

Dear Empress For Life aka Cis, I do too. I have some good ones that just aren't my cuppa tea, but I'm sure someone else would enjoy them.

Re: Laura dear..... - Gourmet_Mom - 03-13-2008

I just feel like the ones I'd want to be rid of would not appeal to ANYONE! LOL! I'll check the collection and see what's there.