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My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - cjs - 03-13-2008

All the meatballs (473) are mixed with the cranberry sauce and awaiting some heating in the BRAND NEW POUCHES made in the BRAND NEW FOODSAVER!! (God, How I missed that machine)

Half the Blue Cheese Cocktail cookies are made - 174
Two Gorgonzola & Brie Tortes are done.

Have the fast put together ones to do tomorrow and I'm ready for the party. Have Roberto's (page 62) dinner in the oven and it's smelling wonderful. I used root veggies and I''m anxious to see how it turns out. Potato, rutabaga, brussels sprts, leeks, broccoli stems, onions, garlic, etc.

After dinner, we're going to sit and watch Top Chef - I just love that show and when I saw Denise's post this a.m. I had a hell of a lot of trouble staying away...but I did. thanks for the 'spoiler'!!

See ya all tomorrow - time to pour my second glass of vino.

Re: My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - Lorraine - 03-13-2008

Enjoy the evening, Jean. Sounds like you're in good shape. Foodwise that is!

Re: My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - Harborwitch - 03-13-2008

Sit down, put your feet up, and relax!!! You deserve it!

Re: My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - bjcotton - 03-13-2008

Geez Jean, that sounds like what we did for my niece's wedding. We worked for 3 weeks getting everything prepared to the point we could freeze it. I will NEVER, NEVER do anything like that again. When it was time to serve it we were all so brain dead we couldn't think of what to do...luckily my SIL Jackie stepped up and took charge. We could follow orders but no independent thoughts.

Re: My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - Gourmet_Mom - 03-13-2008

Way to go Jean! Old or not, your a$$ is keeping up! Enjoy that wine, put your feet up, enjoy the show and get a good night's sleep! Tomorrow will take care of itself!

Re: My Old A$$ Is Draggin' - DFen911 - 03-13-2008

Jean I think you've earned 2 glasses

Time for you to relax a bit. I'm tired just thinking about all that food let alone getting it all ready.

You need footsie massage