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Cookbook Exchange - luvnit - 03-14-2008

I thought I would start a new thread for this one.

We all have cookbooks that we use frequently and love and would never part with. Of course I am not talking about giving those away, we will all keep those. But in every cooks cookbook shelf, there are books that we have used in the past, but may not use anymore but never gave it away and didn't have the heart to toss it in the trash (God forbid!). Those are the books I am talking about. Ones that you used at one time, but just don't seem to pick up anymore. Or had a few great recipes that you've already incorporated into your Mastercook and don't need the actual book anymore.

We don't need to have an even amount of people. Even if we have 3 people: person A send to B; person B send to C; person C send to A. Done!

Postage in the US and Canada is relatively the same. Most books we would all be able to send for between $5-$8. Not a huge investment, and in return, someone will be sending you a cookbook to look over.

I thought that anyone who wishes to participate could send me a PM. Then I know who and how many would like to do the Cookbook Exchange.

Does anyone else have any ideas or comments on this at all? Any input is welcome. Thanks.

Re: Cookbook Exchange - cjs - 03-14-2008

p.m. on the way, Laura.

Re: Cookbook Exchange - labradors - 03-14-2008

Maybe you could even set this up using BookCrossing. Just an idea.

Re: Cookbook Exchange - luvnit - 03-14-2008

I will check it out Labs. Thanks!