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OT: Baby Boomers - Corinne - 03-16-2008

I'm still out of town but thought the baby boomers would get a kick out of this:,0,1036393.blurb

You have to copy and paste the address. Don't know why it didn't all highlight.

I'll be back soon, hopefully.

Re: OT: Baby Boomers - pjcooks - 03-16-2008

I resemble that remark........


Re: OT: Baby Boomers - cjs - 03-16-2008

I'm a pre-baby boomer, but sure applies in this house also!

Re: OT: Baby Boomers - firechef - 03-16-2008

Sent off to those that can relate...might make some laugh as much as I did.

So many different people came to mind throughout that one...thanks for sharing!

Re: OT: Baby Boomers - labradors - 03-16-2008

Not only funny, but also very well done.

Re: OT: Baby Boomers - HomeCulinarian - 03-16-2008

That's a funny one.