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Roy's Woodwork - luvnit - 03-19-2008

I would really love to see some of the things he does. Especially the salt box. He should really get on that Ebay thing. I started selling my stuff on Ebay a fews years back and made a pretty good profit on it. It's very exciting too. I used to think of it like gambling only the money was coming to ME instead of going to THE HOUSE.

Selling on Ebay auctions is far more exciting than 'winning' an Ebay auction.

Post some pics of his stuff. Pleeeease.

Re: Roy's Woodwork - cjs - 03-19-2008

Thank you, Laura I will - also, would you mind if Roy emails you to pick your brain on this ebay thing? I think because he has no idea how things work is why he's dragging his feet!

Re: Roy's Woodwork - luvnit - 03-19-2008

Great! I can't wait to see the photos! I'll send you my email address for Roy. I'd be happy to tell him what I know. It's a great way to reach an audience for your wares without having to have a website of your own.

Re: Roy's Woodwork - DFen911 - 03-19-2008

Wait we have a wood worker amongst our midst? Pictures Jean so we can start placing our orders.

DIBS! I get to be first

Re: Roy's Woodwork - cjs - 03-19-2008

I don't think I'd better do the pictures here, so I'll download to my photobucket and I guess I just have to tell you my password and you can see them??? Is that how it's done?

Re: Roy's Woodwork - luvnit - 03-19-2008

There is a 'share' feature where you can share albums and photos with friends via email. Not sure exctly how it works, but we can give it a trial run. Let's see how smart we are!

Re: Roy's Woodwork - cjs - 03-19-2008

Let me tell you right now - this end, not too!!

I don't think Labs will care that I post the pictures over on his site. (I can always take them off if he does...) problem solved and I don't have to tax this old brain.

Re: Roy's Woodwork - pjcooks - 03-19-2008

Billy showed me how to do this, Jean. Click the pic (in Photobucket) you want, then select IMG. Go to your [Email]C@H[/Email] post and click paste. Voila!!there it is.

I'd like to see more, too. Both my Dad and the Picky love woodworking, to them it's like cooking and sewing for me.


Just re-read your post, never mind.......Sorry! Of course you know how to do that :

Re: Roy's Woodwork - cjs - 03-19-2008

Re: Roy's Woodwork - Lorraine - 03-19-2008

I filled up Roy's salt box tonight and used it. It is beautifull!!!!!