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Too much ham - luvnit - 03-25-2008

We made our Easter ham on Saturday... Had the Bistro Sandwich (with ham) on Sunday... Ham sandwiches on Monday...

We are going Up North on Thursday and my dad said he is making.... can you guess?.... Yes, a ham.

Now I like ham, but we have it a few times a year and that's great. I will have to start drinking water NOW.

Re: Too much ham - cjs - 03-25-2008

It's been so long since we've o.d.'d on ham - now that I've got this 2nd freezer, will probably pick up a couple to have on hand.

Yes, take lots of water bottles with you -

Re: Too much ham - Gourmet_Mom - 03-25-2008

I feel for you Laura. When we used to do the holiday thing at both grandma's, we'd either be ham'ed or turkey'ed out, too. Hang in there! And yes, drink lots of water!

Re: Too much ham - firechef - 03-25-2008

Oh yeah, the two family dinners and now we try to do one for the three of us at home as well. We do BOTH Holly's family and my Mom's the SAME day for some holidays. Two Thanksgivings and two Easter's in one day is a bit much. Luckily we do three Christmas's over two days. Then we do a lot of Greek Orthodox holiday dates as well. We are fortunate that my Mother does different things than Holly's family and our stuff at home is normally traditional Greek or French Canadian fare for us.

Re: Too much ham - cjs - 03-25-2008

This is exactly why I used to have holiday dinners at different times - why put your kids thru all that?? Ridiculous.

Re: Too much ham - Roxanne 21 - 03-25-2008

OHHHH Water with ALL that salt????? BLOAT TIME!!!

Don't cha just love ham???? We have it very infrequently cuz the ham here is not all that great---way too salty in the brine process for our taste====but a fresh shoulder is not bad!!

Re: Too much ham - HomeCulinarian - 03-25-2008

I usually only make a ham on New Year's Day. I buy a small bone-in ham because it is hard to use it all before we're sick of it. Then for leftovers, we'll have at least one more sliced ham dinner. My son likes to use ham with his scrambled eggs or omelets. Now that I have the FoodSaver, I will make small packages of cubed ham for him and put them in the freezer for later. I also make a casserole with Uncle Ben's wild rice mix, cubed ham, broccoli & cheese and finally a big pot of split pea or navy bean soup with the bone. The soup is the biggest treat of all.

Re: Too much ham - Roxanne 21 - 03-25-2008

LOVE split pea soup--one of Peter's favs!!! And I am with you--I make a ham once a year. Scalloped potatoes are a must and some mild green veggie---and then comes the soup!!! YUMMM!!!

Re: Too much ham - labradors - 03-25-2008

Hmmmm... Leftover ham = croquettes. Yum!