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Another New CookBook!! - cjs - 04-06-2008

I picked up Tom Colicchio's book "Think Like a Chef" the other day and what a wonderful text-like book it is! The first part is 'techniques' and takes a cook thru the basics of braising, roasting, blanching, stocks and sauces and then how you can expand on them from learning the basics.

The second part is 'studies' - "...highlights one ingrdient as a basic building block - for example, roasted tomatoes - that can be utilized in simple or complex ways."

Another section is 'trilogies' - providing recipes centered around 3 ingred.

Then 'component cooking' - he mixes and matches ingredients on the plate.

Then he finishes the book with 'favorites' - his and how to adapt them or substitute for home cooks.

The whole book is just great ideas to take a cook as far as they would like to go! I highly recommend it.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-06-2008

Aw, man! I haven't got the last one yet...LOL! I guess this will come out of the next paycheck. Sounds like something I'd enjoy! I'm doomed to be a month behind.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - bjcotton - 04-06-2008

I've gotten 2 in the last month, so I'll have to wait a while on this one...Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop and A Passion for Baking by Marcy Goldman...for my new stove.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - Lorraine - 04-06-2008

Tom Colicchio's

Why do I know the name, but I can't place it??? Sounds like a great book!

Re: Another New CookBook!! - firechef - 04-06-2008

Good question Lorraine...I know that name, I think??? Sounds like a great book. I might beg for it as a birthday present. Doubt I'll get it but I still need to make a couple of cookbook purchases for my "Cookbook Book Club" membership so I'll look for that one. Talk about making Holly four new cookbooks for $18.99 with shipping. Need to buy two at member price in the next year...hehehehe!

Re: Another New CookBook!! - Harborwitch - 04-06-2008

Top Chef. He's also quite well known on his own. I love him!

Thanks so much Jean. I'll have to add it to my library! It sounds great.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - firechef - 04-07-2008

Don't get Bravo so I have NEVER seen Top Chef. I must "Google" the Chef and see what I already know about him.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - luvnit - 04-07-2008

That sounds like a wonderful book Jean. I will have to check that out. I have been in a cookbook mood lately. Go figure. I am actually considering going back to school too. I am only a month or so away from finishing. I think I could handle that. Anyway, now I am rambling. Lots of stuff has been going on here. Hubby having troubles with his job. He's a Field Superviser for a construction company. Things are slow and they want to make some 'changes' that may change our medical ins and pension drastically. So just thinking about going back to work, what would I do, etc.

But I think I would love this cookbook. I will go to Amazon and check it out!

Re: Another New CookBook!! - cjs - 04-07-2008

And don't forget, we can bug our libraries to put it on their shelves also - but, I have a heck of a time returning cookbooks that I get from them...

Lorraine, he's the chef/owner of New York's Gramercy Tavern and Craft. This is not a new book - came out in 2000.

Re: Another New CookBook!! - firechef - 04-07-2008

That's IT...Gramercy Tavern and Craft...he was a "Challenger" on Iron Chef America too. That's where I know that name from. The restaurant reviews and the ICA episode.

Never forget a name, just don't always remember who it goes with however. I think that is similar to CRS...?