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Yeah! for Laura! - firechef - 04-11-2008

POST 1200! She's a "Veteran" amongst everyone now...

Oh Daphne...looks like she pulled ahead and beat you to the next "level" of the place.

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - luvnit - 04-11-2008

I lookin' to be a Pooh-bah! Only about 400 posts to go! Heck I bet Daphne beats me to the punch though.

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - firechef - 04-11-2008

Once summer comes and she is on "vacation" watch out...then she goes to town. She set an unofficial "record" on another site with getting to 1000 posts. She does have the gift of gab...

I can almost feel the cyber slap coming for that one...

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - luvnit - 04-11-2008

Well according to my calculations Daphe will reach Pooh-bah status in 43 days. While I will lag behind and reach Pooh-bah status 11 days later.

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - firechef - 04-11-2008

You're the "Veteran" you would know best (says the guy that has posted 926 times since the 5th of January) but I am pulling for you...ssshhhh don't tell my "Mom" I mean Daphne...

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-11-2008


You're rooting for her?!?!?!?

This one almost slipped under the radar....LOL! You ALMOST got away with it!

Congrats Laura! I know I'll be glad to get out of this "Old Hand" status...LOL! And Pooh-Bah sounds REALLY cool! Although, I think Grand Pooh-Bah would be better...LOL!

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-11-2008

Oh my! I just realized, two more and I'm there...LOL!

(Notice I did not edit to add this...LOL!)

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - luvnit - 04-11-2008

Is that cheating??!!

I don't think so. When I was at 1198 I quickly made two more posts just to get to 'Veteran'.

Welcome to Veteran status! By the time you read this, you will have made it!

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-11-2008

Nope, not cheating...well maybe a little. But please note, there were hours between my posts...LOL! I waited for something to post to, but we don't get much halibut around here and while I like the bacon wrapped corn idea, I think I would be cheating if I commented on the panceta. (The thing is, it would be hard to get around here, so I'd be more likely to go with the recipe as written.) Soooo, I came back here.

Now to keep this legal...I'll add that I made ribs tonight using Saron's rub that I used on the BBQ Corned Beef. Man, was that good! (Thanks again Sharon!)I used a fav bottle BBQ sauce, but I think I'll change that up next time...either less sauce at the end, different sauce, or no sauce at all. They were spicy and GREAT!

HMMM? Can I say again, I think Grand Pooh Bah sounds better?

Re: Yeah! for Laura! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-11-2008

BTW Laura, I must add you've got that 43 days to beat me...LOL! As LJ so "kindly" pointed out, when summer comes, WATCH OUT! I've got 40 days of school left which comes to 8 weeks "real" time. So you better hurry..LOL!

Although, "the employee" has planted so much stuff in my garden, I may be too busy to even check in....YIKES!!!! I'll record the garden later, but I do know that if the cukes "make" and the zukes and squash produce, I'll be too busy to be on here at all! (I noticed recently a dry ice box at the Southport Lowes Food store.) So if the garden "goes" this year like I think it will, some of you may be getting "care packages"!!!

I'll let you know when it's time to order. Things could turn "bad" yet.
The resident animals and another period of drought unexpectedly, may make this request a moot point!