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Weekend Plans Anyone??? - firechef - 04-11-2008

We all know that I have dinner reservations for Sunday...but for tonight we have Holly's Cousin's Birthday (Observed) Party as her big day was yesterday. Too bad she still treats her party like a 6 year old and gets all "upset" if it isn't just right and if the world does not resolve around her (same about her all the time though) and then Saturday I am having my birthday (observed) the way I want it, just me Holly and Kambree with "my dinner" complete with Billy's submission of a spice cake...

Would actually cancel the reservations if it wasn't for my mom looking forward to it more than I am...

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - Harborwitch - 04-11-2008

There's some wingding at the Yacht Club this weekend. They've got 2 big work projects lined up - getting some new floatation under one side and repairing some rotten boards on the deck. They also plan to plan the rest of the Spring Series races.

Then there's a pot luck feed. Weed and tree pollen are supposed to be high - I'm getting one of those mask things.

Sunday we're hoping to have some friends over for dinner. I have all kinds of wonderful recipes I want to play with! Otherwise we need to work in the yard and climb in the hot tub!

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - firechef - 04-11-2008

Just don't step on me when you climb into the hot tub...I'll make sure it is working right while you do all of that "work" you seem bent on doing.

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - HomeCulinarian - 04-11-2008

We've got a hectic weekend. Seems like everything wants to happen at once.

Teenage daughter has a tournament in Carbondale (very far south in Illinois - 3+ hour drive from Champaign) leaving today with the team. Hubby and I were planning to go watch because the last time she played in this tournament she got injured and was out for the season - she's the keeper and took a kidney shot. Ouch! But, Hubby has a business meeting in St. Louis that he needs to be there for the Board Meeting on Saturday evening. I couldn't catch a ride home on Saturday from Carbondale, so Hubby is going solo to the tournament this afternoon, then coming home by way of St. Louis Saturday night. I'm staying home alone and my task is to finish our taxes!

Sunday is the 80th birthday party for my Dad at the Maggiano's Little Italy in Oak Brook (Chicago suburb, 3 hour drive north from Champaign). My daughter and her husband are coming in from Colorado for the weekend. We'll drive up for the party, hang out with them for a while after the party and before driving home Sunday night. For the Birthday party, there will be about 30 of us. Mom & Dad had four children and the four of us have had 13 children, and one great grandchild and another on the way. Should be a good time.

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - firechef - 04-11-2008

I think Mike Mill's has an awesome BBQ place in Carbondale...might even be one of his first places. He now has restaurants in Las Vegas and NYC but started out in that part of Illinois. He is a friend of my dad's cousin Myron Mixon of "Jack's Old South BBQ Team"...

I'll check as that would make Saturday even better and make you forget about the drive...

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - firechef - 04-11-2008

My bad Chef/Grill Master Mills has his Illinois restaurants in Murphysboro and Marion...don't know if they are in your path at all in your travels but they would make a nice "Pit Stop"...get it a "PIT" stop at a BBQ restaurant...I am soooo good and I didn't even realize it at first...

Happy 80th to your loved one...if the actual birthday is Sunday all the better. I don't find too many with the 13th of April as a birthday.

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - HomeCulinarian - 04-11-2008

Dad's birthday is the 15th - tax day!

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - firechef - 04-11-2008

Poor poor soul...such a grim day and I am sure it has been the cause of many jokes for him to deal with over the years. At least you know your grandfather didn't work for the IRS...and I'll leave it at that and hope you do not take offense at my attempt at humour.

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-11-2008

Happy Birthday to HC's daddy!

Plans? Well, there's a BUNCH of corn to plant, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow. I also want to make a trip to my favorite herb farm. There's also the DREADED taxes to do. UGH!!!! Then there's LJ's dinner I'm hoping to fit in there somewhere. Other than that, I've got some papers to grade...FUN! NOT!

Re: Weekend Plans Anyone??? - DFen911 - 04-12-2008

I will be spending the next 24 hours doing the Relay for Life cancer walk.

Father - Survivor
Uncle - Victim
Sister in Law - Victim

**dons her yellow bracelet with pride**